Coinbase to Purchase Bitcoin & Ether: Review


Tijo~ Chief Editor and C.O.O at The Arcane Bear

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  1. Jamie. E says:

    Great, We just signed up with Coinbase spent 100$ and got the extra 10$ in bitcoin. Stoked, Thank yoiu so much for the review. You gave us a lot more confidence in purchasing my bitcoins with this company. Next to order the ledger or trezor wallets!


    • Tijo says:

      Thats so awesome to hear. We are glad you made the leap, have you looked into Ethereum or Litecoin, They also sell those two on that exchange as well, if you see a better buy in on any of the alt coins, might be easier. Happy investing!


  2. Lara says:

    Can i transfer crypto or usd from my Coinbase account to my other exchange account to buy in alt coins not offered by Coinbase??
    it seems impossible to purchase alt coins for usd via ACH or us wire at exchanges like bitstamps or kraken. Never had such problem with Coinbase. i wish it could offer alt coins. Does anyone know why Coinbase “products” are so limited??

    • Andy says:

      Coinbase works like a buffered exchange, and basically purchases coins on the market on your behalf when you are exchanging from USD to Crypto. We believe Coinbase will offer more exchange options in the future.
      You can easily purchase on Coinbase and transfer to another exchange to trade alt coins. The process varies a bit on each exchange, but ultimately you will need to create a wallet for the coin you are transferring on the exchange you are transferring to. Once that is done you will copy that wallet address for use in coinbase. Go the the Accounts Page on Coinbase and select the Wallet you are sending from, hit the send button and paste in the address you copied (checking the first and last four characters is a good practice to be sure you copied correctly). Enter the amount you are sending and click Continue…the follow the prompts. When sending BTC it can sometimes take 20 minutes or more before it is available on new exchange. If any of this seems daunting, one of our Crypto Bears would be happy to work with you on a consult.

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