Aitheon – AI, Robotics and Business

Aitheon – Business, Automated.

Aitheon aims to bring AI and Robotics to everyday business.  Corporate giants and companies elbow each other in their quest to be in the limelight of innovation as the world takes a new turn through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. With more sophisticated AI trickling into our lives, business and the economy at large, the future of artificial intelligence is already here, and Aitheon is promising to make it better and beneficial to everyone.

New digital assets are popping up daily, and people are buying them in a frenzy, but the ideal question is what exactly are the solutions these tokens promise and how are they being executed.

Today we are focused one of these currencies called Aitheon.

Follow your passion… let A.I do the rest.

AI, robotic and human symbiosis, businesses become automated from a single access point to complete all mundane business tasks without the need for owner input. 

Aitheon is a digital currency business and a blockchain based A.I./Robotics business set to change the world of business management by integrating AI, robotic and human symbiosis and making back-end business automated.

“Leveraging AI and robotics to reduce organization costs: We believe that Individuals and organizations should be able to pursue their passions and not be distracted by basic business functions. Aitheon allows its members to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best while Aitheon automates their needs through the Artificial Intelligent platform coupled with physical robotics and devices.”

The solutions offered by Aitheon to help revolutionize the way businesses are managed are quite extensive, touching on every area of business management and societal challenges which include.

  • The ever-increasing operational costs of businesses (e.g., employees’ demands for improved salaries) which serve to distract the attention of companies from growth opportunities.
  • The time-consuming challenge faced by organizations in implementing and staying informed with the constantly evolving nature of digital solutions.
  • The typically challenging duty of delegating task and hiring employees faced by small businesses.
  • The circular problem of increased operational cost businesses are set to face with governments’ proposed universal basic income as the solution for solving workers’ displacement due to automation.

The above and a lot more are the various degree of challenges which Aitheon will address by providing solutions that will help make the economy less hellish and business-handling less stressful, and more convenient.

This blockchain based A.I./Robotics business, will help remove the “scales” from the eyes of individuals and businesses who have been rendered limited due to the traditional finance, business trading, AI and robotics barriers they face.

The goal is to help its initial customer base that will comprise of both organizations and individual users to transact business using Aitheon Tokens. Possession of this Token will immediately enable various specific services.

A next step in Business Automation

The services that will be enabled by the Aitheon Token will, in turn, allow users to work with AI or robots and other people who have already been activated on the platforms.

This implies that two people who routinely do business with one another could save themselves the stress of going through accounts payable, accounts receivable or any other mechanics of the actual business transactions by joining the Aitheon platform.

The smart contracts, robots and AI of the platform, can help such business partners to automatically perform their transactions or do so on an owner approval basis until the business owner is comfortable with the AI handling their transactions.

No longer will any two business partners have to worry about the actual exchanges of inventory, payment, shipping, manufacturing, fulfillment, and updates to bookkeeping because Aitheon Token will see to it that they occur on their own through the Aitheon platform.

The Aitheon platform can, therefore, be said to be goals or tasks achieving mechanism which not only grants its token holders entry into the blockchain-based Aitheon System but also entry into its associated ecosystem.

The Aitheon Token System

Utilizing smart contracts, Aitheon will provide contracted solutions to the time-consuming challenges faced by businesses and individuals. This means that a distributed cluster of Aitheon’s customers, agents, and devices can use the Aitheon Token as a method to exchange services.

Therefore, businesses and individuals can deploy these agents, services, and devices to perform work on their behalf and also to barter with and pay humans, robots and deep learning agents on the platform for work performed directly and without human involvement needed.

A Technology / Human hybrid model

As part of this digital currency and a blockchain based A.I./Robotics business’s plan to prevent work displacement through automation, Aitheon propels forward blockchain’s existing paradigm for mining by combining mining with the “final steps” of AI business processes solutions.

Aitheon provides solutions to the usually stressful and time-consuming process of recruiting candidates for vacant positions in establishments by taking care of 90% of the processes of such human resource tasks.

Through the platform, the remaining 10% can then be completed by an accredited individual with extensive expertise and background in human resources.

We had the pleasure of doing an interview with CEO Andrew Archer:

We recommend that you checkout the Aitheon website:   Click HERE for Aitheon Website

And their very detailed whitepaper:   Aitheon Whitepaper

As well you can join in on the conversation on their Telegram:  Aitheon Telegram

And as always…watch our news for further updates on Atheon’s progress.    Arcane Chronicles


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