CDX- The Commodity Ad Network- ICO

CDX Commodity Ad Network

I had such a wonderful time talking to Peter Frolich. We covered ideas of freedom media, the ability to share our view points even though the may contrast and the problems with not allowing opposing views at the table, regardless if they are right or wrong. The conversation needs to happen. We dove into the reason for their model and how they plan to provide transparency for their consumers and content creators!  It will be a fun and exciting time for us as we move forward. They already have a team of capable and talented individuals and now with funding under their belt we are looking forward to their success!  Hopefully we can have another interview once they are finished with the launch of their ICO!

Pre Ico Benefits

For those of you that were able to get in on these ideas early you will be happy to have already seen a payout of their tokens for you investment!  Cool beans! Lets enjoy the ride as we stay up to date with their content moving forward.

A Word From Our Cheif Technical Bear- Andy.V

The CDX system is entirely hosted on their own server as typical Adserver system would be. Only the payins and payouts are over the ethereum network using CDX tokens. Nothing here really stands apart for this service other than their team…which seems to have a lot of experience in this area. Their payout model to content providers uses pools and payins for advertisers is all based on fixed prices. (so no bidding for ad space). Good service…probably. Blockchain innovative or revolutionary…not really.

A little more on CDX… My first part of that review was to look at the tech…which again…is nothing really impressive. The other thing to look at is what their business represents, which is…. a method of ad revenue generation for content providers which is outside of the current overstacked and manipulated ad space (ie Google, Facebook..etc.) Their system is meant to fairer to both advertisers and content provider, and to be free from mainstream propaganda promotion and filtering. This requires people at the controls who understand what this means and can act on these principles in dealing with the users. AdEx definitely has a broader vision of decentralization in the ad space, the delivery of fair content and the use of blockchain tech, and a community based voting system. AdEx also is focused on serving video content. CDX has a tried model for serving ads and the experience to get such a system running and profitable in a reasonable period of time.

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