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About The Clarity Project Vision

Small business owners and entrepreneurs go into business because they believe they have a good idea, and they want more money and freedom, as well as time. However, this is usually not the reality of how things work out. Unfortunately, they make smaller returns and work harder than they've ever worked, and many fail within five years. Approximately one in 10 will remain in business for more than a decade.

Over 90% of companies in the world are small. If they become successful, then they would contribute to wealth generation, employment and the overall community. Small businesses play a huge role in the global economy and their success is our success. This makes a lot of sense, there are never a ton of facebooks or twitters, but, there are many small companies with a lot of potentials and the investment world seeks to enter these lower risk spaces as well. Clarity aims to help bridge that world so these companies have an easier time finding financing. It makes sense to see more and more of this style of company pop up to help diversify the portfolios of many investors.

We want to provide small business owners with clarity. This will help them do better in business and contribute to a better life for themselves and their family. In turn, they'll contribute to making a world a better place.

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They Are currently in ICO stage and offering Bonuses
Now, Obviously here at the arcane bear you know that when we do sponsored reviews, well, for any of our content. This is a financial disclaimer, you must do your own due diligence. Our token sale gives buyers access to amazing bonuses. The sooner they buy, the more tokens they'll receive. The initial price is $0.08, and we are giving bonuses up to 150%.

Referral Rewards
Token holders will be given a referral code. You can share this code with everyone you know. When they make a purchase via your code, you'll receive another 15% in bonuses.

Colossal Market
There are over 160 million small business across the globe. Our strategy will ensure that CLRTY tokens are in high demand. We will ensure this once the platform goes live.

Two Dollars Min. Price
Since we expect demand to be high, we can ensure each token will have a value of two-dollars. Our platform will go live in Fall 2019. Plus, people will be able to accept crypto-currency as payments for the services they offer, but this is for Clarity customers only.

Meet Our Team

Our founding members are small business experts and they are in a good place to deliver the vision for the project. We understand and know how business work because we've built companies and have sold many companies, and we know what kind of unique and common challenges many businesses face on a regular basis. The bottom line is we know what success is, how to get their and we have over two decades of experience when it comes to advising business owners.

We embrace and are passionate about innovation. We have always used tech for a purpose, and this has always had a positive impact on our clients' experiences. We have helped many grow their businesses and improve their profits, as well as reduce their tax burden.

We understand the needs of small business owners. We know what they are looking for when it comes to advisers and tech. This is why we work hard to provide solutions that cater to those business owners.

The Clarity Platform is designed for these:

. Accountants & advisers
. Institutional investors
. Small business owners

Small Businesses Development on The Blockchain

We want businesses to turn to Clarity, which puts companies in complete control of their data. It is a one-stop platform that can help businesses understand their numbers and how to improve, as well as where they stand with their competition. The main features include funding access, file sharing, and third-party verification via the Block-chain.

Clarity will also contain details on human resources and insurance. it will also contain details on operating procedures. To reach our goal, we have partnered with companies that are leaders in the industry, so make sure you stay up to date with what we are doing. This makes a huge difference for those companies that are looking to store their analytics and their data for


Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how important it is to keep the small and medium-sized business world running. We don't often notice it, but the world is full of these companies and families doing so much hard work to keep up to date with the products and services they provide. While we commonly think of these larger institutions only wanting to invest in larger explosive growth companies, often the medium and small business owners go unnoticed, but they are a very valuable part of any well-rounded portfolio. They are usually less risky and still provide quite a high return on investment. For this reason, we hope that the is successful in their mission. Not enough effort is put into making sure these often family run business models stay afloat, as they are generally the most often visited by the local communities that they are surrounded by.


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