Crypto Currency Trading. A beginners Guide

How To Trade Steem For Bitcoin

We like using Bittrex, although you cant purchase bitcoin through these exchanges you can trade other currencies such as your Steem dollars for bitcoin or bitcoin for almost any other currency out there. Bittrex has a great reputation and we are excited to be trading with them.

This is a quick video to help those in the steemit community trade the Steem Dollars SBD for Bitcoin. You can also apply this information to any of the other tech out there. WE are working to do more tutorial videos as we go.

Trading can be tricky

If its your first times trading make sure that you are ready to make mistakes. Dont send everything you have all at once. Make sure your transactions addresses are correct and you should be fine. Do your research into the communities and technologies that are out there and dive in, or perhaps just put a toes in to et comfortable. WE suggest this.

Take your time

We know that this is an exciting time, but make sure to take your time and double check all your steps before sending your crypto currencies. You don’t want to loose them and there is no way to receive refunds in this economy.

So sign yourself up with Bittrex and start trading today. Things like Ethereum and other alternative block chain technologies are at your fingertips. Grab a hold and enjoy the ride.

Have fun trading. Have a great day from The Arcane Bear

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