Betting on the future is better than a casino!

Smart Contracts & a Sports Betting platform

Many people have said, the greatest ideas are simple. This is true, in theory they are! Although, when it comes to development, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If it were simple to build large brands and great ideas, everyone would do it. The guys at have not only a simply great idea, but they have the team, the charisma and the drive to bring it all together. Over the last few months we have made friends and acquaintances  with their team and have made a point of following their progress towards their ICO ( Announcement dates for possibly September)

“Great Ideas should be lucrative for all of us, and agrees”

One of truly unique aspects of their platform & what is really exciting about!!
They are offering to give back 100% of the profits to the participants in their “Be the House” model. This enables anyone in the world to essentially own a portion of a casino!!!

We all know of Las Vegas and how the house always wins, so aside from an incredibly enjoyable gambling experience, the token holders and house participants can earn some very exciting and lucrative passive income simply by being involved with the DBET community.


blockchain and smart contract gambiling

The Team

You can always tell a book, not just by its cover, but the contents that make it up. The team here are active investors, developers and socially excited people. This combination is what an equation like this needs to really take off. They certainly have caught our eye. So much so that we wanted to write a personal article about what we have been seeing from these guys. Be sure to check out their company white paper here to learn more about this blossoming group. White paper==>>Click Here

The Problem~ Their SolutionsERC-20 Casinos

Consensus in the gambling arena can lead to a lot of difficult situations. We already know the house has a general rule of thumb to end up on the winning side of the table. This doesn’t mean you cant be successful, and looking ahead; being adaptable. The future of finance and commerce is changing, therefore, it doesn’t take a genius to see, gambling will change and grow along side these new systems. Aiming at the future problems of integrating these two ideas is important. We can also see a marketing and gambling niche pop up where this type of transparent multiple house gambling could benefit the owners of multiple companies, as well as the active gambler for sports betting and the like.

Can The Markets handle it?

Well, obviously!!  Las Vegas is almost entire city built around just such an idea. 

The market was 35.97 billion USD in 2014 and is estimated to reach 66.59 billion USD by 2020, at a CAGR of 10.81%. The use of mobile devices for online gambling purposes is increasing. The market growth for this industry is very geography specific.

More than 80 nations have legalized online gambling and Europe has the largest online gambling market in the world, and this is just going to increase as Netherlands adopts new online gambling regulations. In Asia Pacific region, the online gambling sector has not grown much, as there has been no scope.

This means there is lots of room to dig their heels in and find a creative space to enter into. In a growing and ever-changing landscape of monetary systems and ideas. It only makes sense. Find your niche and move forward like a bull. Take advantage of the scenery and don’t let a great opportunity to dive in pass you by.


CLick here to view their website and learn more about their launch!a solution for transparent multi house gambling ICO

Arcane Conclusion

With all these aligning factors, we see room for to really make a hold in its idea and forge a space for their team to exist. We have our eyes closely watching their moves as their ICO and Initial Coin Offering is set for somewhere near mid September to launch. We also expect that by this time , Bitcoin and Ethereum should have made a significant impact on the world around them. Giving the leverage to this team to really catapult themselves above the rest.   Lastly their Dbet Token is the one to keep an eye on and their website for more details. You can also find them on Facebook!  They are making an impact~ uses its own ERC-20 standard token, DBETs – for all transactions on the platform. Unlike other platforms in the space that make use of Ether and Bitcoin for gambling, DBETs are used for gambling along with other use cases such as purchasing DBET house credits, buying out custom houses, purchasing lottery tickets and more. Ether will only be accepted by the contracts at the time of the ICO – being used to fund and run the platform for the foreseeable future.

We hope you enjoyed our journey into Decent.Bet  As they make more waves, we are sure to release more information on this growing company and platform. Check back at our homepage The Arcane Bear and Sign Up for our newsletter to find out more!


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