DogeCoin Helps Ethereum With It’s Scalability Issues

Doge, a cryptocurrency that was made first as a “joke currency” is now helping Ethereum to solve its scaling issues. During the last few months, Ethereum has seen a massive flood of both users and capital into its platform. The problem lays in weak possibilities of Ethereum scaling to support large commercial-ready distributed applications (dApps).

Right now, Ethereum can only support about 20 transactions per second. This means it cannot support the load of just one dApp with a million daily users each making a transaction on the blockchain. However, it is better than Bitcoin that can even not do 10 transactions per second.

On February the 5th, the technology TrueBit sent Dogecoin to Ethereum’s Rinkeby Testnet. This transaction achieved a historic milestone towards interoperability of crypto assets. The test has been nicknamed “dogethereum bridge” and marks the first release of TrueBit. Generally, it is a smart contract which scales computation involved in transactions through interactive verification. Although not very popular like the Raiden and Casper, TrueBit is the only technology, for now, that could solve the computational scalability problem.

Truebit co-founder Jason Teutsch said:

We built a first version of that, which we are calling ‘TrueBit lite.’ It demonstrates that all the core pieces of TrueBit work. It is a big milestone for us.”

At the moment, there is not an estimated date for how long it will take to launch that on Ethereum but it is predicted that, once this technology is fully developed, the problem with Ethereum scalability will be 90% solved.

Teuta Franjkovic

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