DropDeck – Innovation Funding Platform to Shape Tomorrow

DropDeck aims to resolve one of the biggest problems within the world economy today….which is the misallocation of funding. They have proposed a platform and ecosystem which will promote a better distribution of funding to businesses which will boost both economic growth and the advancement of technologies, while promoting value within the DropDeck ecosystem.

The key to finding good business models and innovative new ideas to invest in relies on the ability to identify these opportunities from afar, and to be able to accurately evaluate their potential based on numerous key factors, and then to be able to easily present this information to the investors. To this end, DropDeck is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based scoring system, which will be grow better over time as data from the within the ecosystem develops. This basically creates a feedback loop where more data = better algorithms = better products = more users = more data. Then the cycle continues.

Community Driven Value

The platform is truly driven by the DDD token holders, in that the token holders all work for the best interests of each other. Value is driven in the DropDeck ecosystem by each level performing to the best of its abilities, in researching and rating companies, creating effective funding agreements, and assuring the companies will be able to payback funding. This motivates each level to identify and do proper and thorough diligence in the”Scoring” of potential companies.  We believe in the community based model that DropDeck is creating, and the potential of helping to funnel revenue to great teams with great ideas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The token pre-sale will open on Nov 21st.   DropDeck will doing a KYC process for their crowdsale, so please follow the links below for participation instructions.

DropDeck Whitelist announcement: https://medium.com/dropdeck/dropdeck-io-whitelist-registration-is-open-now-c1c8915ad6b

DropDeck Pre-sale announcement: https://medium.com/dropdeck/dropdeck-io-whitelist-presale-is-open-now-b5f614bea609

DropDeck Whitelist registration:  https://DropDeck.io/whitelist

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