Etch.Work- A Unified Payment Solution – Their ICO

Simplified Daily Blockchain Remittances

ETCH is block chain based payroll system which looks to alleviate a lot of the excess expense in todays payroll processes. It allows workers to be paid by the second in real-time with direct credit to an Wallet with an accompanying ERC-20 token card. The card is MasteCard with a cash back arrangement that allows the employee to earn a few percentage points extra on their payroll. A mobile application allows the worker to be tracked…so the employer knows when they are actually present on the job site and being billable.

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Construction of a new model

ETCH foresees the first implementation of this system will greatly the building and contractors trades. The WhitePaper on the website features a good workflow and some technical detail on how they plan implement the platform. The entire payroll system can be run on the blockchain as series of smart contracts, where the employer and employee simply need to feed in the data.

Payroll Is A Big Market

Payroll is an area which could definitely benefit from block chain tech…and this is a clever implementation. There is a demo which you can sign up for on their site,.. which brings you to proposed? console for their platform. It is fairly simple web application with just a few screens. It allows you to see what the payroll management console might look like. Aside from the mobile app beacons (or IOT) to track workers, this seems like a system which could be built out in a fair amount of time without too big of a team. Their first pilot will be in London, with plans to be operation in NY and Singapore next year.Be sure to check out their affiliates via This cool Consortium==>>

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