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Offshore Banking &… LEGALLY!

Even from a very young age I was interested in getting my life moved far away from government controls. I didn’t even yet realize the certainty in which I would grow up knowing that my friends and family were being taken advantage of by this so called “government” allegedly there to help take care of us. So, I dove in. At the time the internet was a brand new thing. I was maybe only old enough to really understand half of what I was getting myself into. It was obvious though, these governments were not out in my or my families best interest. In fact it seemed quite the opposite. I got so sick of hearing the common arguments, “who would build the roads?”  or   ” what about the school systems?”    First off, government roads are shit and so are their schools. I have yet to see the government do anything at the speed or efficiency a good company would do it for.  This is a huge problem, its led our society down a dark path of money manipulation, currency controls and a general lack of entrepreneurialism in our country. Many years passed, Ill skip the in betweens, but I ended up learning about offshore banking, and how, literally, The elites get away without paying taxes to this wreck less monster we call the government. This is all legal and legit too. So don’t go thinking we are skirting the beast here. This is designed this way. Most people just don’t look.

“Banking The Way It Was Meant To Be”

Peter Schiff and Europac Bank

Now, there are many reasons to want to choose to bank with this particular bank. First things first, they are one of the only soluble and fully capitalized banks in the world. What does that mean?  Well, it means that they don’t owe any one any money. Unlike most banks around the world, Europacific does not give or take on debt. So in an event like the 2008 Finical Crisis, They were not effected at all. Their doors stayed open and their customers were able to continue banking without any noticeable interruptions. Extremely important in the future as we take into account the staggering amounts of debt and money printing the US dollar is currently going through. They offer multiple currency accounts from CAD, AUS, USD, GBP and many more.

They have an amazing trading platform with Saxo bank and last year alone their managed fund was up 140%  respectively. Thats amazing for a managed account, literally absurd. Peter Schiff rides some of the amazing choices most traders wont see. They also have Gold and Silver backed accounts. So if you are one of those people who appreciates physical asset storage, they have made it very simple to access your physical metals and store it for you in one of the safest and longest running mints in the world, The Australian Perth Mint. Giving you instant access to your precious metals.

So Whats Next?

There is’nt really many other options that highlight all of these “libertarian”  mindsets. Although the services are not offer to United States Citizens. Signing up is easy for a personal account and takes no time at all. Opening a corporation takes a little more effort, obviously. This is a legitimate bank. So proving all your funds and your companies movement is necessary. You cant just launder money through banks you know!

Tijo~ The Arcane Bear~

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