Halo Platform- Intial Coin Offering Reviews

The Halo Platform – ICO

I had a great sit down with the founder of The Halo Platform today – they are launching their ICO on the 25th of September. It will be fun to watch all of the new companies in the crypto space develop. We wish them success and are excited to have them online with us after their initial coin offering.

Halo is cryptocurrency and peer to peer digital coin which works on Proof of Stake with Master node support. The Halo Platform is set to be AWS/cloud hosted and have zero-transaction-fees! It has a nicely designed platform with many features. Their Token Hub enables ICOs to create tokens and their exchange is rich in features. Included is a full set of business tools; checkout buttons for easy implementation of Halo as a payment system, a Halo debit card, a  Halo marketplace for purchase of goods and services. The multi-functionality of the platform makes for a great user experience. The integration of this platform will bridge some of the gaps between the current systems and the new ones. 


Masternodes and Coin Support

Be sure to check out their website==>> Click here for Halo Platform

 The Halo Dashboard allows users to keep track of all transactions in one place and track all trading transactions in the portfolio. This includes CryptoSwim for analyzing trading profit. The dashboard allows users to integrate wallets – making it a one stop shop for all of the users’ cryptocurrency needs. Also featured is a community portal.  All together there will be storefronts,  financial tracking, backups, charts, speadsheets………. and Bears?…oh my.  

The white paper serves as a good marketing piece and the team and vision seem to fit the bill. We are excited to see the future of this platform and we will be touching base with them after their ICO to see how everything went. This community based company strives to do more for everyone involved which is an important part in a competent corporate structure. 

**Note- This is not financial advice, this is strictly for educational and information purposes only. 

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