How to Stay Always Excited by Your Crypto-Portfolio?

Porn Platform Producing a Line of Sex Toys Connected to Cryptocurrencies

Camsoda Gets You Horny no Matter if it’s Up or Down

When somebody says he or she has been screwed by bitcoin, we usually feel sorry for the poor lad/girl because they probably didn’t sell when the price of this cryptocurrency was in the clouds. However, there could be a tiny possibility that they got actually been (and still are) screwed by bitcoin (or at least have sex with bitcoin’s price fluctuations).

Camsoda, the adult entertainment platform, has been experimenting with cryptos since the end of the last year. Today, their new, interactive platform can get you as excited about cryptocurrency as you are about sex.How to Stay Always Excited by Your Crypto-Portfolio?

BitCast, as the platform is called, makes it possible to pair your interactive sex toys with the performance of leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Camsoda partnered not just with Bitcast, but also a company called Lovense, to produce a line of internet-infused sex toys that react when the price of bitcoin goes up or down. Right now the toys can be connected with ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin, while the toy’s vibrations intensify during volatile price swings.

With people constantly tracking their cryptocurrency investments, we saw an opportunity to offer them simultaneous sexual pleasure derived exclusively from price fluctuations,” the Camsoda executive Daryn Parker said in a press release.

What has so many people captivated, aside from the fact that virtual currencies are largely unregulated and fraught with risk, is the daily volatility – the stratospheric price rises followed by meteoric price drops.”

Now, with BitCast, our fans can hook up their favorite interactive toy and literally get pleasure from their investments,” he continued. “So, essentially, as the price goes up, so too do your orgasms.”

The connected love toys have multiple choices going from dildos, buttplugs, and other types of unusual multi-limb vibrators. The toys are also available for both males and females who are looking for that internet-connected sexual experience.

Users have to connect both Bitcast and the Body Chat app to the Loveense account, in order to get off simultaneously with crypto-markets.

So, to simplify – when the value goes up, the vibrations intensify. When it goes down, the vibes back off. When the cryptocurrency bubble inevitably bursts, the toy overheats and blows your… back (because we all know it is called a back massager in public, right?).

This is not the first time for Camsoda to create unusual sex toys that are tethered to technology. Last one was the application called ‘OhRama’ with smart phone connected flicker toys, which allows people to smell the special odors from a male or female’s private areas. Mr. Parker said then, that he believes that cryptocurrency fans can get a better climax from a different kind of market participation.

Teuta Franjkovic

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