Huawei Negotiating on Building a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone

Reportedly in Talks with Sirin Labs to License its Blockchain OS

Joining the Cryptocurrency Frenzy

Huawei Negotiating on Building a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone

Several major Chinese smartphone makers yesterday announced the release of ‘blockchain smartphones’. We could say that there is a certain formation of a group of firms who are all eager to join the current cryptocurrency frenzy.

Among them is the world’s third-biggest mobile phone maker Huawei Technologies Ltd., who, according to people familiar with the plans, consider developing a mobile phone that will be able to run blockchain-based applications.

Shenzhen China-based Huawei executives have allegedly met with Sirin Labs’ team over the past two months.

A caption under a Feb. 28 picture on Sirin Labs’ Telegram chat group reads: “Amazing meeting just concluded between Sirin Labs and Huawei. Among other things discussed was the possibility of cooperating together to bring blockchain technology to the masses in a secure way.

The talks were about licensing Sirin Labs’ operating system, called SIRIN OS, to run blockchain applications alongside Alphabet Inc.’s Android system. As said, talks were just preliminary and no agreement has been signed.

Huawei Negotiating on Building a Blockchain-Ready Smartphone

Moshe Hogeg, founder and CEO of SIRIN LABS, confirmed the news ‎on Twitter indicating that his firm met with representatives of ‎Huawei. Supported by the SRN token, SIRIN OS is designed to support inherent ‎blockchain applications such as cold storage crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted ‎communications and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps.‎

‎It seems that Huawei shall use the blockchain to register all of its active devices on their network so that proof of ownership could be made by producing the unique keys associated with a particular device on the ledger.

Fourth Largest ICO Last Year

In December last year, Sirin Labs raised $157.8 million in their ICO. That was the fourth-largest such offering in 2017 that has been defined by an explosion in blockchain-driven crowdfunding.

They also had Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador. Messi wrote to his almost 90 million Facebook fans, touting the ICO. “I am usually busy trying to decentralize defenses, and after digging deeper into blockchain and decentralized systems, I’m excited to join Sirin Labs as an ambassador to make blockchain more friendly with their upcoming operating system for smartphones.” The post reportedly got over 200,000 reactions and almost 2000 shares.

This new product may help Huawei stay in US market. Yesterday, Best Buy, the U.S. largest electronics big box retailer, has ceased ordering new smartphones from Huawei and will stop selling its products over the next few weeks. Best Buy was one of Huawei’s biggest retail partners, and one of the rare places where you could physically see its phones. Huawei phones aren’t sold by any US carriers, where a majority of Americans typically buy their phones.

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