IndaHash – Tokenizing the Influencer Market

IndaHash seeks to tokenize the entire influencer market.

With a proven model of connecting brands and influencers for mutual benefit, IndaHash proposes to create a token ecosystem which can become a standard in the industry.  Since launching in 2016, IndaHash has built a team of 130 people, and a network of over 300,000 influencers from around the world.

How exactly does IndaHash work?

The IndaHash App is the center of functionality. It allows brands to connect with influencers to get their message out. It also allows influencers to participate in the brand campaigns of their choice. By choosing specific tasks in a campaign, influencers complete the tasks and earn rewards or payments.

How will tokenization effect IndaHash system?

Currently influencers are paid through direct currency transfers to bank accounts. This accounts for fairly slow processing, excessive fees and a lack of privacy for the influencer, who must share sensitive information in order to receive payments. The tokenized IndaHash network will be able to pay influencers directly in IndaHash tokens and that payment will include a 20% bonus. Payments can also take place immediately, while currently payments may take from 30 to 60 days after completing a campaign. Influencers can also use IndaHash tokens to directly purchase the Brands products, often at special discounts.

Value is driven into the token ecosystem by adoption by Brands, Influencers, and their Audiences. Influencers can further drive value with their audiences by creating their own branded tokens. These tokens can then be used for rewards and incentives to the audience for help in promoting the campaign, the Brand, or to establish loyalty with the influencer.  IndaHash further drives value by purchasing tokens to be used towards influencer payments.

Track Record of Success

The IndaHash team is strong in the media marketing space, and has already proven their ability to deliver by creating the current platform and growing sales over 295% since last year.

The IndaHash pre-ico was completely sold out. The main ICO opens November 29th and will offer a 20% bonus reward in week one. A total of 320 million tokens will be sold to the public.

Being a part of this influencer space, we can see the benefit that a system like IndaHash brings, and the tokenization of the process adds an exciting edge to this business. IndaHash has the tools and the team to make themselves a key influencer in this space.

The IndaHash App is available now for both Android and Apple devices.

Watch our interview with IndaHash CEO BARBARA SOŁTYSIŃSKA:

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