Kore Coin- Review and Interview

Kore Coin- Why Privacy is important.

Privacy should be an inalienable human right and we agree. When Tijo goes offline, thats it, he separates his time from the rest of the world. WE sit down and chat with the CTO of Kore Coin. We are so appreciative of them reaching out before they fully dox themselves and revel the new tech and team to the world. We look forward to our future interviews as all these new companies grow and develop in this astonishing new space. The first to take advantage of the TOR network and a new wallet that does the same with a built in burn feature and a new browser!

Watch our interview with them below~

A word From our Chief Technical Bear- Crypto Security

KoreCoin is one in the family of anonymous coins. So what differentiates KORE from some of the other anonymity players? It was one of the first coins to implement TOR, and also has an Anonymous Burn feature. The burn feature lets you send coins to a special address (as well as selecting a receiving address) and the result is that the receiver will actually get newly minted coins and the coins that came from the source address are burned. This leaves no trail back to the source in an exchange. Kore also features and anonymous VOIP which is included as part of their wallet. Other Proposed Features not yet implemented which you can ask about: , an Anonymous Marketplace (KoreBay) an Anonymous browser (Firesurf) . Kore is a POS coin, so it is staked and not mined. There was no premine….so nobody ran off with a lions share of coins. There are only 1.9 million KORE in circulation. The Team, like the coin, seems to be fairly anonymous…. at least there is no information about them on the website. The forums say this coin looked it was dying and may have taken on new devs. It may be one person.? Could be interesting to get some insight into the mindset behind the people behind a crypto coin like Kore. As far as coins in the anonymity space, technically Kore is a huge contender. If KORE can maintain an active dev team and perhaps even up their marketing, to increase adoption…. Kore should see good growth in this space. To learn more about them you can find out at their website, click here==>> WWW.KORECOIN.NET

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