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We know education is important, that's why we're building a place for people looking to learn more about blockchain technology, trading and cryptocurrency in general. We're excited!

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We are currently working on a blockchain investment and news mail out section. WE are onboarding writers and other creatives in the investing space to help really build our the profile of information that we are capable of delivering. It will be slow at first but we expect that if we work together we can build the educational portal for blockchain and cryptocurrency ideas together. Our group and community through decentralisation have the ability to curate the content needed. So we are also asking for your help, if you are a talented writer or are simply excited enough about this space to want to help review, research and learn about new projects while also sharing that journey with others, please get in touch with us! We are looking for new members of the bear family to join on creating these portals of learning. It takes a village to raise a child is a great quote, and together, our new decentralized ecosystem can grow and we can nurture it together!