Litecoin, Bitcoin & Ethereum~ Crypto Collapse?

Routing for LTC~ The Underdog Situation

We are entering into new time of global banking, finance, Commerce, security and real estate.

Block chain is an extremely exciting new technology that allows for an open distributed & decentralized ledger.It can be accessed from all over the world, it exists on no single server or database, making it extremely robust. All transactions are checked via the cryptographic system, you cannot print more BTC,LTC or ETH. There is and always will be a set amount of mineable coins, this has become extremely important as one of the main problems in our banking system today; is that the government and banks are able to just print money.The root causes of inflation! Although some economists may argue this point. Their school has taught them to think that if I bury a dollar can you dig it up you get paid half a dollar, this is it self is insanity and stupidity. New technologies like bit coin which is one of the first of these new technologies to hit the mainstream and  financial centres. Many people of already heard the name Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there’s an underdog, a coin we haven’t heard hit the main stream,

LITECOIN!World of cryptocurrency and Fintech,here to stay.

Be sure to check out the LItecoin website, for their online wallets and more info~

To note, today, one of the reasons of the massive price fluctuations is in the uncertainty of bitcoin surrounding the idea of UASF. There’s an argument around weather bit going should be faster and cheaper but it’s intelligent to note it’s still significantly cheaper than a wire transfer and much faster. These two qualities alone means that we shouldn’t touch it. TO many kids in their basements of their parents house want it to be cheap and fast, Money isn’t meant to be exchanged instantly, thats why we had contracts via the governments to move a currency around redeemable for gold and silver, used to. Now Ethereum can function as a contract between Litecoin and Bitcoin, So, with this uncertain future of Blockchain and DAG. We see Litecoin about to take off. Currently sitting at all time highs in relationship to bitcoin. It has held its own, Has a robust blockchain nature like BTC and has years and years of running time. Making it the most secure choice, it hasn’t been pumped and its volatility has stayed relatively neutral.  We have bet heavy on this underdog in the fight and are excited to see where it goes!   

We are going to be writing more and more on The Arcane Bear. Now that we have an office in Panama, there are lots of FIN-tech events to share while we are down here and are going to do our best to act as an intermediary of commentary and excitement for everything that is happening around us. This is what we have wanted and have been working on for the last year.

We are so excited to have you join us a The Arcane Bear Starts its second round of ideas and we dive into sharing all tis information with you. From lifestyle, medicines, technology, art, money and finance. We want to cover our life, sometimes its inspiring, some times it painful. Our gains and our losses we want to share. So you know that its not all butterflies and lolly pops.

Than you for joining our Journey! Check back to our Homepage for More informatioN~

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