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LiveTree – Disrupting the Entertainment Industry

LiveTree is looking to reimagine the entertainment business. They have been operating now for two years and have already establish themselves in the industry. Their current network consists of more than 14,000 industry professionals and a handful of professional film and entertainment organizations. They have also crowdfunded about 120 projects to date.

LiveTree ADEPT

ADEPT: Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution

The next generation of LiveTree is the proposed ADEPT platform. The platform is intended to support projects from creation through distribution to funding. It is driven by the SEED token.(an ERC-20 standard) It will allow content creators to get connected with distributors looking for new content, will help creators connect with the professional teams and resources they need for production, and will help them to crowd fund their projects.

Given that LiveTree already has a large database of resources and supporting organizations, an automated scoring system can help connect creators with with the teams and distribution they need. The platform will feature a smart contract system for managing all agreements between parties. This provides a much more cost effective way of doing business than current models.


Another feature of the new platform is called Blossom (BlossomTV). Blossom offers a way for fans to support the content they are interested in by “pre-paying” for the content. The user system will be subscription based, similar to a Netflix model. Users will pledge support in SEED for the programming they are most interested in which will then fund the development of those projects. Other distribution methods that could be supported for Film and TV production are online streaming through YouTube and Vimeo as well as traditional broadcasters.

The LiveTree Incubator

A portion of the funds raised through the sale of SEED are used to set up a series of incubators that will produce premium content. These include documentaries, TV, film and online projects. This incubator also functions as a stress test for their smart contract system by creating its first real world applications and helping to drive adoption for the ADEPT platform.


LiveTree is building their platform on open source technologies and running on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum smart contracts are used as the foundation for all of the contractual agreements between parties within the system, and the rate charged for contracts is a flat 2.5%


The SEED token pre-sale will launch on December 1, with an exchange rate of 2000 SEED per ETH ( 1000 SEED/ETH expected in the ICO) .

LiveTree is proposing a muti-tiered system that could become a central hub for entertainment.  Providing a platform for content creators to present their projects and get them funded.  To find the teams they need to connect with, and find an appropriate distribution channel. All at a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional model. The contracts to manage the entire process are also part of the system,  and stored on the blockchain.

Along with Blossom, where the fans (viewers) will get to drive the content they want, by funding (voting in) the productions they wish to see , and Incubators for creatives to get their projects in front of the right people. This is a well structured and well planned model…built on an already successful business, and I would love to see them one day make the Hollywood entertainment model obsolete.

Check out our interview with CEO Ashley Turing:

The Pre-ICO starts Dec.1

Review the LiveTree Whitepaper:…

Visit the ADPET site:

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