Our First Bitcoin, Steem, Ether & Litecoin Cryptocurrencies Visa

The future is here~ Wire x

“Did you know you can attach your bitcoin wallet to a Prepaid Debit card with Wirex”

Well, we made the first leap of faith. We ordered a bitcoin Visa with Wire x. We are joining the future of the blockchain community by becoming a part of it. Recently, Wire X update to its new version 2.0. Its slick, and easy to use, perhaps a little less confusion  tan its first release, we enjoy the interface, but have to say, we preferred the purple and blue. Although we know from a marketing stand point, these colours offer the user more security, at least in the mind. So lets get down to the details, and share with you what the user interface looks like and how we feels it functions. Sign up here to recieve 25% off your first physical card. Virtual cards are FREE!

The Card and its “Currencies” Bitcoin Prepaid Visa.

One of the tings we are really excited about is the built in Shapeshift app. It basically allows ( for a small fee) the conversion of almost any to all of the major crypto currencies to be transferred to your card, than uploaded as BTC to your card. This is a fantastic feature and its making it easier for the many to become the one. The ability to spend crypto currencies through a Pre-paid Visa front end is really one of the key steps to making sure this world of digital money takes off. We are pleased to say we are enjoying it so far. Although there are some ATMS and withdrawal points that do not allow the use of this card, we are super excited, as you can see here, we ordered our card and are awaiting its delivery.~  The expedited shipping should take between 5-9 business days for shipping on average.

If you want to sign up, use this link here to receive 25% off your first card order!  A great way to start by saving some money,.

** Its good to note that Wire X does not work for US customers**

Arcane Conclusion

Well, we are waiting for the next 10 days for our card to be delivered, so far it was an easy and painless process, we will revisit the use and function of the card at ATMS and at a point of sale purchase!  WE will order our favourite coffee at our favourite coffee shop. Once it arrive we will start working on the next article.You can also check out our Steemit article on this card as well!

Thank you for joining us on this journey, through plants and technology. WE are so pleased to be sharing this with you. Till Next time, check back at our home page for more articles and information. 

Tijo~ The Arcane Bear

Take a look at our quick video review below~


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