Pillar Project Update – CEO David Siegel

Pillar Project Review

Pillar is looking to change the way we will operate online. More than just a wallet, they propose a personal data locker – a single place to store all personal data in encrypted form. The personal data locker would also serve as the users’ personal console, with complete insight into their world. You would be able to use it for everything from making appointments to maintaining a personal inventory of all passwords and details. Pillar looks to be working to create a completely integrated  platform for everyday use.

The All In One Wallet

The Pillar wallet is proposed to be able to hold hundreds of coins and tokens without being tied to any particular browser or exchange. It would be open source technology intended to easily integrate into any software platform at the same time supporting multiple exchanges and allowing you to change any coin into another or into the Pillar token. The wallet would do automatic exchanges transparently and the user would be able to see their assets in any currency they like. I.E. fiat or crypto.

Our Review –

The Pillar Project team consists of some strong members from the business and tech fields. It is a very ambitious software development project although the team had only one developer to start. After receiving funding the company plans to have a hiring event. At the time their “grey paper” was published they had neither a team or any kind of structure for the Pillar wallet. This is a true case of a dream receiving funding.  Since their ICO was quite successful it is now up to their team to make that dream a reality. Should they succeed this will serve as good example of the things that we can achieve with just a dream and vision to start off with.

I would have considered this a pretty high risk ICO….but apparently many felt the risk was worth the reward.


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