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ICO Marketing

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When it comes to an initial coin offering, you are often left with your own team to make sure everything gets done correctly...This can be overwhelming and potentially threaten your company's integrity and financial outcomes. We have years of experience in the marketing and advertising field. We help create content for the niche we are already well situated in! We have been working in the marketing and media space for many years. From our growing Youtube channel in the Crypto space, Interviewing top CEO and developers in the blockchain space. The creators and founders of many of these new companies often visit our show as our audience is particularly focused on the niche space in the blockchain world. Developing infrastructure in the distributed ledger space is complex and we have an in-house team of qualified people to help you get on the right path to integrating ahead of the curve. Think of it as the internet in the 1990's being ahead of the curve can be massively profitable, not only as investors but as companies that already exist learning to take advantage of these new technologies and the opportunities they represent in the marketplace. We have been working in the marketing and creative campaign space for over a decade. From managing PPC ( pay per click)  or Search Engine Optimization tricks and techniques, we know how to get your brand in front of an audience that wants to see it! We also offer consultation services with some of the companies we work with to help you build your white papers and create the tokens necessary to run a tokenized ecosystem. A type of incubator and accelerator if you will. We are interested in growing this ecosystem. If you want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, do not hesitate to check us out for a consultation. <<==Click Here

Development and Coders for ERC-20 tokens

We see the importance of doing things right the first time around, understanding your ICO's mission, vision & values are something we drill down to its core! We want the best results for our clients, and if you're successful we're successful. Working these the coin and token launches has given us a great depth of analytics to discover which course of SEO, PPC and PPV advertising and marketing help your product and service find the audience that supports your community and ecosystem. Our blog and news center has been ranked up next to companies like Cointelegraph and Forbes! Something we had never imagined, but due to this space is relatively new, we have been able to shake hands and butt heads with the industries top names already.

Our new podcast With the Arcane Bear is the perfect delivery tool for sharing your data, business models and technology with the ever-growing crypto community in an easily digestible manner. We have created thousands of followers via our accounts on, Youtube, Steemit, Facebook, and google plus...Our social reach is growing every day! We also have a telegram channel with approx 2200 subscribers who are interested in learning more about this budding space. They help research and engage with all the projects we take a look at. We have over 4000 subscribers on Twitter, 4000 on Steemit and around 1000 on our facebook group. With our ever-growing audience, we represent a great opportunity to meet the niche bear family that's interested in learning and growing more!

If you are interested in learning more about developing ERC- 20 tokens, Check out our latest article here<<==

Community Building and branding

In the new world of fundraising and starting companies from scratch the decentralized world of blockchain requires a new type of thinking when it comes to branding and how to connect your products and services to the right audience. Its one of the most important and the most overlooked aspect, marketing, and advertising. Even if you have an amazing product, if the community that wants or needs that doesn't know about it, you will flow. You have to think ahead of the curve, things like podcasts and interviews, influencers and celebrities have quickly become the fast track to finding your niche and targeting them. We have access to many different forms of influencers around the world, heck, you want Floyd Mayweather, we can help you do that do. That's the thing, over the years of working in the marketing and advertising space we have made many friends and build up a great network of intellectual capital that is equivalent to that mythical "Black Book" of all the great names you would want to touch base.

If you need help strategizing and building your brand's influence, do not hesitate to give us a call, we can help in so many ways. Not just from our channel and connections point of view, but from the beauty of having created so many of these campaigns for different companies in the past , we offer a very distinct advantage vs the other plane jane marketing companies out there that simply do not understand the underlying value of importance in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

We have currently added a team that speacalizes in the total creation and launch of one of these token projects, to the finalization and creation of a white paper around your business model, the legal teams and conenctions nessecary to make sure you are not steppoing on any international rules or regulations. A well connected invetors group in the blockchain space who are active at all the conferences and always travelling sharing and growing their knowledge of the crypto sphere. Be sure to message us to find out more if we can help you in the launch or media campaigns for your projects.


Arcane Bears platform brings interest from not just the crypto space but a much broader audience, ensuring that your ICO will get a diverse mix of followers that may invest in your offer!


To learn more about how we can help your ICO gain more traction email us to receive your ICO media kit: daniel@arcanebear.com