Sirin Labs Partnering With FIH Mobile

FIH Mobile Confirmed to Design and Manufacture Blockchain Smartphone

Assembling the Line specially for FINNEY Phone

We were already writing about of Sirin Labs negotiating about licensing their operating system, called SIRIN OS, to run blockchain applications alongside Alphabet Inc.’s Android system. As said, talks were then just preliminary.Sirin Labs Partnering With FIH Mobile

Sirin Labs is now officially partnering with FIH Mobile (Foxconn International Holding) to design and manufacture their premier blockchain smartphone and FINNEY family of devices.

FIH Mobile is a subsidiary of the tier-one phone designer and largest phone manufacturer in world. It’s the name behind popular electronic products such as PlayStation, Xbox, Kindle, and mobile phones like iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia. The addition of Sirin Labs’ consumer electronics to their roster is a major boon towards bringing blockchain to the masses.

Their agreement for co-development will merge Sirin Labs’ cold wallet hardware, software, integration, and the Sirin OS with FIH Mobile’s development of the main components, such as the camera, display, radio, and the mechanical aspects of the phone.

FIH Mobile will also set up an assembly line dedicated specifically for manufacturing the FINNEY phone. The company will also define and build all of the necessary tooling and automated testing stations.

Their roadmap will also include plans to launch the first working prototype of the FINNEY by mid-Q2 2018, followed by mass production and the product launch later this year.

This prolific partnership leaps several steps ahead towards achieving goals of decentralization and making blockchain accessible, fast, and feasible with FINNEY in the hands of many.

Together with FIH Mobile, Sirin Labs are said to bring the Go Crypto revolution to the mainstream.

Teuta Franjkovic

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