Steemit! Get paid for your social media posts.

You are the most important part of Social Media. Without you companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would become worthless. So, it begs the question. How come they are the ones making all the money off of us!?  It’s an extremely distasteful company that puts their users last and this has seemingly become the normal. You are the value that is experience. Your shares thoughts, highlights. They all make money off of advertising to you while you are sharing you life for free. YouTube has done well enough for paying its users for the views and ad revenue they bring in, Google has kept this part of their strategy for websites and users for a long time now. So why haven’t these other companies caught up. Well, We let them get away with this crap. As people start to wake up, they realize they have been taken advantage of.

Social Media Exodus~  Facebook Instagram and Twitter Down Monthly 25%

Thats right!  Weather users are leaving from a general lack of interest or they are tired of being bombarded with political agendas and peoples nonsense; these social media platforms have been losing their user base at a staggering rate. Some studies and polls show around a 25% per month loss of its active and engaged users is massive. These companies have already started to die and its only now becoming apparent why. Some studies have shown the dopamine and serotonin response from “likes” “shares” & “follows”   are not that much different from those we see from smokers or heroin users. Its actually quite addicting. Ask anyone who uses Facebook if they have ever opened up the internet and with out thinking go to type in www.face……. and think what the hell am I doing; often forgetting the actual work they were aiming to do before sitting down. This is a huge problem and probably only a fraction of why unsatisfied users are choosing to run away from this highly addictive social platform.

Steemit!  Paying its users for their Social Contributions

Here is what the company white papers have to say about their motives and direction:

“Steem is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. Steem combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities. An important key to inspiring participation in any community, currency or free market economy is a fair accounting system that consistently reflects each person’s contribution. Steemit is the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward an unbounded number of individuals who make subjective contributions to the community.”

We find this overwhelmingly exciting. We are just signed up and making our first contributions now!  We will be sure to make some posts commenting on our strides on working through these new social platforms and sharing with you our results!  You can find our first post with Steemit here: The Arcane Bear’s Introduction  you can also see another Post we have done which had already earned 36$ in Steem! At its high that would be around 2000$

”  What an addictive place to write and share, the community is so engaged.”

Please note, we are having troubles this week uploading files through our FTP server, so the image associated with this post will be out soon. For now we are just going to post anyways. Keeping the content coming is key!

Thanks for joining us on the Arcane Bear Chronicles!

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