Take Control of your Data With Datum – ICO Interview

Monetize your Personal  Info With Datum.org

Datum is all about the decentralized storage of structured data. Data is the lifeblood of business and the internet and Datum seeks commoditize that data and place it on the blockchain. Datum will offer individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to gain reward from the sharing of data they choose. Currently a users personal data is tracked and sold from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and alike. This data alone can be valued in excess of $2000USD. Datum aims to provide a way of users to monetize that data themselves, and specifically choose which data to share. This to us makes a lot of sense. How often do these big corporate ideas run of the backs of the people and their data with out you even really knowing. They than turn around and sell it to another company, they sell your personal information and you are not rewarded for it, in any way!  This should change, the future of your data and how it moves should be up to you. I think this is a brilliant re hashing of the original concept behind the internet. Its your personal information, if they are profiting from it, you should too! Datum helps you do that-

IF you are interested in learning more about their ICO- The Team- Token and Whitepaper <<==Click Here

Putting the Power back into the Hands Of The People

Roger their CEO gives great examples as to the variety of data users have at their hands. This data which often may prove valuable, including personal data, social media data, and even data from IOT devices.They than go and use the blockchain to secure the data, all data is stored in encrypted form, and the users gets to specify how the data is to be shared. Options include; to share with no one/everyone/or known consumers, for free or for a fee. User can also choose how long the data will be available and detailed levels of privacy. The DATUM network then provides and exchange that allows data consumers to “purchase” data directly from the providers. Datums storage is completely decentralized, and network will utilize BigchainDB and IPFS systems for data storage.

ICO Details For Datum

The DAT token is the currency of the Datum ecosystem. Users can use DAT tokens to pay a small fee to securely store their data on the network. Miners are then responsible for saving and transmitting that data receive DAT tokens as a reward. Buyers can then use DAT tokens to purchase data from the network. The token sale begins on October 29th and 1.53 billion DAT tokens will be available for sale at a rate of 10,000 DAT per Ether. There will be 3 billion DAT total and no more will be created in future. This represents the first opportunity for users to get in on the monetization of their own personal data which businesses have been making money off of for years……


This seems like a great way to again move more of the power of these larger corporations back into the hands of the people. We always like when companies shine lights on the difference between who you are as a person and the way these larger companies have monetized what is your with out you even noticing. Its a step in the right direction and we suspect it will do well.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating project and their team, be sure to check out the links to their website below.

White papers, Roadmaps and Team Vision can drive a company to success. These factors could lead Datum to a new space in the global market place. Take a bite out of the old systems and provide the user a more friendly experience for choosing how their data gets sent and sold around the world

Their ICO is now Live If you are interested in aquiring their tokens before they hit the markets click on this link<<== Click Here



Another Little Video On Datum- From Datum- 

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