TAPProject – Earning for Playing Video Games

TAPProject – Offers the opportunity to turn in game currency to cryptocurrency.

What if your gaming time could be turned into earning time? This is the vision of the TAPProject. Focused on giving gamers incentive for the time that they spend immersed in their favorite gaming worlds.

We know Video Games are Huge…

The video game industry generates about $100 Billion dollars in revenue annually. And today gamers are spending approximately 3 Billion hours a week playing video games. Is there a way to give to value to this time invested? The Tap Project seeks to put all of those vested gaming hours to use for both players and game publishers.

Play for Pay

Tap Coin is a utility token that gives gamers the option to convert in-game earned to cryptos. This gives the gamer the options of taking value out of the game…or even putting in value. The Tap Coin can traverse games and gaming platforms…allowing the gamer to use credits earned in one game to convert to in game purchases in another.

The platform is driven by the Tap Platform app. The Tap Coin serves also as a staking coin, and users will eventually need to hold a certain amount of Tap Coin in their wallet in order to use the platform. This offers an advantage over normal subscription fees.

Publishers are also in the Game

Game publishers will benefit in multiple ways. First, there is a 70/30v transaction fee on all exchange fees which occur on the platform. The game publisher receives 70% of the fee whenever Tap Coin is converted in or out of their game platform. There is also the added benefit of having gamers spend more time in the game, as they are now earning more as they play. TAPProject allows developers to have smart-contracts that act as Achievements or Easter eggs. Thus gamers can earn Tap Coin for accomplishing tasks within the game…and this all can occur seamlessly. Game publishers list their titles on the Tap Platform App in order to participate in the ecosystem and can also take advantage of having their titles highlighted on the platform.

Built by Gamers…For Gamers.

The TAPProject team has been together since 2009, and brings together years of experience in game development, business and marketing, and blockchain projects as well. Oh, and of course, gaming.   The Tap Platform Alpha Release is available now for users to give it a test drive. The TapCoin sale is currently in progress. A graduated bonus program is implemented for the remainder of the sale….so it pays to get in sooner than later.

Why not turn those gaming hours into earning hours!

Checkout out our full interview with Tap Project C0-founder Haniff Knight:

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Remember to Check back with us for more updates at our home page. 

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