Las Vegas Opened a Crypto Strip Club

Las Vegas was always famous for its innovative approach to well… almost anything. Well guess what – there is a newly opened cryptocurrency strip club. Yes, you’ve read it well. There is a club where naked girls/dancers are temporarily tattooed with QR codes so they can be paid in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Las Vegas Opened a Crypto Strip Club

The Legends Room has been opened by martial arts trainer Nick Blomgren, who came up with the idea so customers can keep their visits to his club secret from their partners.

For now, it is the only strip club in the city to accept bitcoin payments, but do not worry – you can also pay via normal transactions if you don’t have your cryptowallet. However, if you happen to have it, you get a 20 per cent discount.

It’s the best place to spend it if you don’t want your wife to know or you don’t want your boyfriend to know,” Blomgren said in an interview with Las Vegas Now.

One of the dancers, Brenna Sparks says that this kind of payment option is very popular and that a lot of her customers are regular in paying via cryptos. She also said that this way of payment could could be great for adults working in the entertainment industry as it would keep their payments encrypted.

I’m not going to name names, but there are certain banks that will shut down your account and actually deny you from having an account because we work in the adult entertainment industry,” said other dancer.

But, that’s not all. The Legends Room has also its own cryptocurrency called LGD.

In the beginning it was like a lot of bitcoin guys came in, a lot of LGD members came in and wanted to use their LGD to see if they can buy anything here at the club because nobody really thought that the club existed in the beginning. So now it’s, become like curiosity. Let’s go down there and see if we can use our cryptocurrency,” said Blomgren.

We came up with an idea probably about a year and a half ago of how we could turn this bitcoin into something. So we were brainstorming. First, we were thinking about a fight company because I own a mixed martial arts gym.”. Obviously, one idea was better than the others: a strip club. So the Legends Room was born.

The Legends cryptocurrency (LGD) was issued via Ethereum, a decentralized, blockchain-based computing platform that allows for the creation of custom tokens, and last year they had a public crowdsale where you could buy it at a rate of 1150 LGD per bitcoin. As well as paying for services, the cryptographic token is the only way to obtain VIP membership, which is available to anyone holding more than 5000 LGD, or around $4,200 according to Coinmarketcap.

Teuta Franjkovic

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