What the heck is a Ripple? Sell the high, buy a dip!

Discovering XRP and The Ripple Platform

Well, to start off. They are focusing on bank to bank trading. Which has huge volumes. We hate centralized banks. So Ripple doesn’t really suit our needs under our current philosophy. No reason for us not to write an article on it. We actually did a little investing into Ripple three days ago and watched it explode over 230% in that short period. It was a great short move, and with all the momentum in the crypto world. We have taken a few positions in PIVX,NXS,XEM,XRM and FCN. For now, these are lottery tickets. But all the upward price movement on Ripple made us rethink and dive deeper in to the world of XRP.

Ride a bull just for fun

Sometimes investing can be tricky, we always try to invest only in companies whose philosophies we agree with. But when they are raging like ripple did, we take notice. Ripple has been around for years and the other day it hit its all time high. A stroke of luck on our part as we had recently diversified some funds to these other alt coins. Ripple although it doesn’t sit quite right with us is still trying to utilize blockchain technology for interbank lending and sending of its securities and transfers. It aims to deliver faster and cheaper delivery methods for each bank. They boast new revenue opportunities and lower processing costs. Delivery a better experience for their customers as well as the growth of its own network of financial institutions and liquidity providers. They have providers like Standard Chartered, Unicredit, SHRB and ATB Financial already signed up. These are some decent players and part of the reason its been making some large moves upwards. Recently the Bank

Ok Enoughs Enough

Untill we see more movement from Ripple, we are keeping it under our pillows as a lottery ticket!  As a bunch of these will probably end up worthless in the near future. Stay tuned for more as we dive into the wonderful world of crypto currency!

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