With VeganCoin You Are Sure Your Trading is Cruelty Free

Veganism Could Become the Common Denominator

Pay Your UberEats with VeganCoin

Deeply grounded in 21st century we cannot ignore the fact that nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight. Today, 2.1 billion people, nearly 30% of the world’s population, are either obese or overweight, according to a new, first-of-its kind analysis of trend data from 188 countries. Fast food, irregular eating, stress and health disorders are mostly the reason why we aren’t as healthy as we think we should be.

With VeganCoin You Are Sure Your Trading is Cruelty FreeOf course, there are a lot of diets, movements and ‘new ways of living’ that are ‘magically’ rising out each year. One of the most famous, that promotes healthy lifestyle, is definitely veganism. It’s no secret that going Vegan is en vogue. The trend has caught on, especially after the much talked about Netflix documentary, ‘What the Health’.

And now there’s a social platform for vegans. VeganNation is a global community which took the best aspects of Facebook, Pinterest, Airbnb, added UberEats, and rolled them into one with veganism as the common denominator and instead of buying things with cash, just pay using new virtual currency – VeganCoin.

It is a virtual currency that you initially pay real cash for, but then you use it on the website to buy, exchange or sell services or products. Launching in May this year, this vegan ecosystem is the brainchild of Isaac Thomas, the CEO of VeganNation, who came up with the idea because he became very hungry during his cycling trip in the Alps. He didn’t eat eggs, dairy or fish and didn’t want to use products that aren’t absolutely cruelty-free. Obviously it’s hard to find some vegan restaurant in the Alps. After cycling for hours, hungry Thomas started thinking about how there must be someone in the Alps that was vegan and would be good with hosting and feeding him a vegan meal.

That’s when VeganNation was born and its mission is to make veganism easier, more accessible and approachable for people looking to live that lifestyle.


As they said, their blockchain-based ecosystem incorporates vegan lifestyle values in an effort to empower those who truly live by them. A cruelty-free one-stop-shop brings consumers, business owners and even corporates together, all using one cryptocurrency, making it easier, cheaper and safer to trade. All of VeganNation’s community platforms will be based on the Blockchain technology, using smart contracts to ensure a transparent supply chain and providing a designated coin to serve the community members in all their transactions. In addition, VeganNation will initiate a Vegan-tech incubator to help innovative startups, and connect them to other like-minded innovators, investors, corporates, and influencers.

As it’s written on their blog: “Our blockchain-based ecosystem will consist of 5 main pillars; Economy, Content, Marketplace, Community and innovation. All components of this ecosystem were thoroughly compiled with a strong, united nation in mind. The plant-based market is a quickly growing industry, set to reach 5.2 billion dollars by 2020. A central marketplace for these products will increase their availability and reach. We are focusing on community and that should foster engagement within VeganNation, and increase help welcome others into the lifestyle.

There are currently 300 million vegans in the world. In Western Europe, veganism has grown by 100 percent a year. In the US, it’s grown by more than that. Three school districts in Brazil are only serving vegan food in their schools, with plans for more.
Pre-sale of the Vegan Coin will start in 52 days.

Teuta Franjkovic

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