Your mind, Is this real or fake?

This was brilliant. Google home is a device that you can set up in your home or office and use to ask questions. What it does is assess and query Googles search results and reads to you the first few snippets of the websites it finds.

Ironic, obviously because it seems as though Google may have highlighted a bit of real news along the way. Now, I am not saying that this is true. I am suggesting that this entire “fake news” narrative is being guided in a way to concrete peoples minds on valid sources. George Orwells book “1984” it was dubbed the “truth ministry” the governmental body around deciding on what information was valid or true. This is the conceptual task they seem to be heading themselves. Ignorant, as this is obviously the school systems problem. Logical and critical thinking were never offered as a rule of thumb. People jump to all sorts of outlandish ideas, I myself am guilty of this. Though, as we refine our skills as observers and arbiters of what we consider to be truth. We find, we only ask more questions. So my question, If this is such an open and shut case why in the hell does the independent have this to say at the opening of their article.

There is no real evidence that the former President is planning a communist overthrow of the government, and he almost certainly isn’t” ~ The Independent

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The quote reads “he almost certainly isn’t”   Really?  They have still allowed for so much grey area. The statement seems to allude to the idea, Barack Obama is part of a coup de tat to take Trump out of power. He seems to be in bed with communist China around their ideas for Censorship ( Coca Cola ). Even touting their internet censorship laws,and should be taken as a shining milestone for? What?  How to control and manipulate a population who is entirely held under the thumb of what appears to be a long standing history of world elites and a banking cabal. No thank you.

Journalism and Information

I am not a journalist. I realized this today, I simply am an arbiter of information. Not even of truth, just information. Sharing my questions, thoughts are often rambles and ravings of a lunatic. I don’t know anything. This is why I am asking these questions.  How does this make you feel?  What do you see in these thoughts, am I totally crazy to feel like I am being misled by the mainstream media?   En masse people seem to agree. The mainstream media has become the hand of a propaganda machine.  This wasn’t the only case either. A classroom student had used google as a reference to why he thought 5 of the United States Presidents were members of the Ku Klux Klan. Either way.

Presidents Ku Klux Klan

This isn’t just the problem of the school systems. This is up to each of us. To be able to discern what it is we are reading and the information we are taking in. Can we cross reference and check all this information against other congruent or conflicting arguments. For instance, never a question I would personally ask Google but….

The Googs Dating Advice

 But, lets use some logical and critical thinking here folks. Do you really need to have Google censor this information, or should it be up to the user, the person reading all this to decide. DO you trust the source you are getting the information from. How reputable is it, sometimes it doesn’t matter. Reading all the crazy stupid ideas about Flat Earth can be highly amusing and entertaining. Censoring or Coca Cola these ideas and you have destroyed free speech. What we need is people intelligent enough to understand, are they reading fact, fiction, or reality. Who are we to tell Scientologist their ideas are bullshit.

It seems Google Home, despite its creators flaws. Is speaking some truth. Either that, or Google has become the Fake News Narrative it is trying to destroy. Regardless, What happened to free speech and critical and logical thinking.  Perhaps they are en route to destroying themselves. What do you think?

Tijo~ The Arcane Bear


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