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This area is reserved for paid subscribers only. If you have paid already please login to gain access. If you need to sign up, please do so now. Our plans are designed to REWARD our long term members, not only right now, but with merchandise specials, exclusive premium content and the absolute best of our wonderful community. Once you are locked in your savings are FOR LIFE. We want you to succeed, so together we will rise. We look forward to meeting you! Compare plans below right now, to see how you can get started! Our Yearly Plan (Kodiak Bear) is for aspiring Bears and it will save you 45%. Our Bi-Yearly Plan (Grizzly Bear) will save you 35%.  The Quarterly Plan (Panda Bear) ensures you save 28%.  

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Gain access to the Private Bear Club where you will have access to regular updates on coins we are watching, exclusive deals, discounts to the store and more.

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