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Bitcoin Consultation - Trading and Investing

We realize that learning about the world of Bitcoin can take a bit of effort, its one of the reasons we have started our Bitcoin consulting and have already helped many members achieve their goals, whether it's as simple as buying Bitcoin or learning the ropes when it comes to trading or investing in this highly exciting virtual currency space. Having personally purchased my first Bitcoin at around $90USD- I have been in this space for years and helped many hundreds of people not only find their way into investing but also into the world of trading, building and growing their companies. The crypto, bitcoin and blockchain space represents a new and budding opportunity for entrepreneurs to find a chaotic niche and market. This is the perfect place to start if from here you can bring order to sa somewhat chaotic space you will accomplish something great and oftehr very lucrative. This is what we do with our consultations, from first time buyers, new traders, investors and those interested in building this space, our years of experience can help you find your way around and get comfortable in the chaos which leads to some of the greatest opportunities!

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Understanding the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can be difficult…

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies first caught the Arcane Bear’s eye due to its decentralized nature and functionality prospects. The advantages are clear, Fintech is shaping the way we handle money and our understanding of it, the possibilities of the everyday person creating wealth in this industry is huge!

We have been working and creating connections in this space for the last few years and we are proud to be able to offer our services to the community. Blockchain, Fintech, decentralized ledgers and open source protocols, whether its writing on the solidity token for Ethereum, or how to create clone and fork blockchains into new tokens and governance systems. We know it can be confusing, so we have assembled a team of people who are able to help you integrate and even launch your company!  Are you the next "Bitcoin"? We want to know, we have helped many companies go through the process of launching, building and creating their own blockchain protocols. We are always looking for how we can create more functional models for business. Perhaps you need these types of protocols in your local enterprise model or just to play around and coding. We can connect you with all the tools you will need.

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These explosive advancements in fintech have welcomed new alternatives which may replace some forms of traditional payment systems, while also connecting a harmonious balance enabling crypto to fiat distribution via Bitcoin ATM’s and mobile phone applications. With that in mind, we have built out a great network of ways to help companies at an enterprise-level incorporate blockchain into their already operating platforms to increase revenues by decreasing overhead in my areas, while also increasing the security of many of your already existing ideas. 

The blockchain space is growing so quickly, keeping up is difficult. From money and virtual currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum to the more complex operating machines like NEO, Ethereum and EOS. Keeping up with all these distributed ledgers can be tricky, so sign up for a consultation today to help answer all your questions about this fascinating and rapidly growing ecosystem.

BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DASH, EOS and many many more, we can dive in and research with you, so please remember to have all your questions forwarded to us ahead of time to make the best use of the consulting time. Deciding how or why you would want to incorporate any of these platforms, or why you might choose to invest in any of these are areas of expertise for us, and if it's not our own specialty we have the ability to connect you to blockchain developers, tech and UI/UX teams. WE can connect you in many ways in this up and coming decentralized distributed ledger protocol. Let us help you shave time off your learning process and sign up for a Bitcoin consultation today!

The emergence of hundreds of innovative tech business models have arrived and there’s no doubt they will be amongst recent disruptors like Uber, Airbnb and many more…

Creating and Writing Protocols

Here at Arcane Bear, we realized early on that the point of building these technologies is to create an infrastructure that is more effective and cost-efficient than the current models we have set up. Whether you are in banking, social media, corporate sales or an acting CEO. There is a use case for this technology that can likely revolutionize the business you are in, Do you really want to be left in the dust? Companies like Kodak, Blockbuster, They all scoffed at the technical innovations that would inevitably put them out of business. You do not want to be those business owners or workers. Its time you dive into researching the importance of all these technologies on the business industry. Its an extremely important revolution and blockchain and distributed ledgers will replace a lot of old and stagnant systems.  If you need protocol work helping to write Ethereum, Check out the article about developing solidity code with them. <<== click here


Partnerships & Collaborations

Perhaps you have just a great idea, you need help writing white papers, maybe the executive summaries. Finding venture capitalist funds and raising the capital to build your project. Maybe you simply need help just understanding the underlying technology of cryptocurrency. From learning more about the D.A.G, The gossip protocol, and many other options when it comes to the open-source world of this emerging fintech. More so this information technology. If you have great ideas, we have the companies that can help you get them off the ground. From our relationships with such great startup accelerators like " Founders Space" and others, We are able to help you launch your genius idea into the air and we want to help. Make sure that building community and partnerships is extremely important. We have the perfect connections to help with everything you need!

Wallets, Mastercards, and Exchanges

There are so many unique ways to store, sell and exchange your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. We have tried out and used many of the products and are continually working on reviews that highlight these new companies and services. Their products offer us a unique way to experience this new Fintech. Doing this in an exciting, informative and easy to understand way. Perhaps its your first day in the blockchain space and you just want to know what it is and learn from professionals. Perhaps you just want to know how you can take advantage of these types of new investment opportunities and are interested in having someone walk you through the process of buying/selling and how to store these new types of cryptocurrencies.

The Arcane Bear would be more than excited to help guide you through your first steps into the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Lite coin worlds of cryptocurrency. Whether its buying, purchasing, ordering securing, storing, saving and investing your new energy into this explosive new sector. We are also working on an in-house way to help the new users and customers find out not only what company or tokens they might want to invest in, but how to cover things like taxes, by directing you to skilled CPA or Developers to write on the Etehreum blockchain in ERC-20 or how about writing on the Dash blockchain or Qtum. We can direct you in any platform that might work best for your enterprise level applications. Be sure to send us an email .via  Daniel our Biz Development Manager:


What kind of consulting services do we provide:

1. B2C - Individuals.

2. B2B - Businesses.

3. Advertising/Branding

4.Development and Mangement.

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Benefits of a Consultations

Instantly connect with professionals in the industry who have the experience and know-how to send you in the right direction. No matter what level of integration of this new technology is at your fingertips, we have the vast network of people who can help you in anything you need to get done. We are so grateful you are taking your first steps into learning more about this disruptive and transformative tech. The world will change, technology has always distributed wealth and power, and now more than ever, things like Bitcoin, Etheruem and the other amazing blockchain protocols are going to change the way we do global business and how we build our communities. The changes in the next few years with governance and banking will be well beyond our belief, so you are making the first right steps in learning more and educating yourself about how you can take advantage of all this amazing new energy that's fomenting in this vibrant and brilliant work of decentralization! Cryptocurrency is the new money, let's get used to what that feels like before its to late!


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