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We are now providing a newsletter for the Arcane Bear's Private Den members. We are in the process of on-boarding writers and other creatives in the investment space, to build the best profile and information we are capable of delivering. There will be crypto reviews, charting, research, plus many new projects and ideas to share and learn about. All while sharing the journey with others. If we work together, we can build a useful educational portal for blockchain and cryptocurrency ideas. Through decentralization, our group and community have the ability to curate the content needed. If you are a talented writer, or someone simply excited enough about this space to want to help, please get in touch with us!  We are looking for new or existing members of the bear family to join in creating these portals of learning. “It takes a village to raise a child”, is a great quote, and together with our new decentralized ecosystem, we can grow and nurture it together!