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We are excited to bring you this section to you. This is where the original project inspiration came from. We love communication and the energy that comes from connection.  Watch this space, we will be bringing some very interesting content and sharing some amazing stories. We want to connect our community with inspirational people and stories. From Entrepreneurs, blockchain startups, Bitcoin news, Ethereum Hardforks. We love the initial token and coin offering space and often highlight companies in the ICO space. This long form content in the entrepreneur space is where we thrive. Hitting the founders and CEO's of these companies with questions about their projects, but also about who they are and how they see the future of the crypto space. Where ever there are brilliant talks, we are sure to try making it there. We look for the value that can be applied today. You are an asset to the community and we want to invest in you. The Bear Family “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to bring light to these stories of people doing amazing things around the world, stay tuned for more exciting podcasts - Tijo” [Youtube_Channel_Gallery user="UCPpo9YgJsEwoN0nB-VTF7Tw" key="AIzaSyBfHwxnPUAffNBtDkLkadBKMAVMyGg_JO0" maxitems="30" thumb_columns_ld="5" title="1" description="0" description_words_number="10" identify_by="channelid"]