Dropp is a geo-enabled social NFT minting platform built on Solana.

In an interview, Dropp's business development lead explains how the platform works.

Do you remember how big Pokémon GO got? The whole world got on its feet and walked more than ever in modern history. In 2016, nearly 250 million people from every age group (8-70 years old!) played every month.

Whether you were a kid, parent, or retiree, the gameplay scratched an itch, and the brand was recognizable. Four years of fun and all for free!

Dropp is bringing the real world into the metaverse with geo-based NFT minting, land, and the metaverse into the real world with AR.

Now integrate the play-to-earn mechanics, and you'll have actual Pokémon leagues worldwide. Going to a legendary catching event could be a business expense.

What makes DROPP Unique?

DROPP is a Solana-based social NFT minting platform. There's no doubt that implementing blockchains, metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, and augmented reality in our everyday lives is inevitable. They'll be essential for almost every business looking to stay relevant and thrive. 

The team behind DROPP understands this and combines these technologies in their metaverse. They're building a virtual world where all virtual items and land are connected to real geo-based coordinates, tied to the real world. All items and land will be NFTs, so you can mint, buy and own them. 

What’s the utility of DROPP?

DROPP is built around:

  • Geo-based exclusive NFTs 
  • Land 
  • 3D Augmented Reality 

Geo-based exclusive NFTs

DROPP will forge a new way for NFT minting. Users will be able to mint unique artist NFTs based on their geo-location. All you need to do is be physically present at the coordinates of the event, marked on the map. 

DROPP's mission is to connect the metaverse to the real world. With NFT minting events, they're focusing on bringing people together. Connecting in both real and virtual worlds is the ultimate experience.

Their team believes the best community is built with socializing both in the metaverse and in the real world.

Now, imagine logging into the app checking the scheduled events. You see your favorite artist has organized a fan meeting and a unique NFT mint to go with it. A full crowd of fans, with who you share the same interests, meeting the one artist you all dreamed about meeting. Picture this and all the positive emotions and friends for life you can make. Don’t even forget about the unique NFT you’ll mint as the perfect memory you can show your grandkids. 

Minted NFTs will have geo-metadata, making them one of a kind and increasing their value. 


DROPP Land is the perfect chance to finally buy your new apartment, office, or store as an NFT. I know you degens aren't willing to spend your hard-earned crypto on real-life property. 

DROPP map will mimic the real world. Every virtual plot has its counterpart in the physical world. 

Virtual land is a great opportunity to start your business. You can even expand your existing business by giving your clients a different and magical experience.

Owning land gives you access to exclusive NFT mints to your region. Plus it gives you a percentage cut of all the future NFT drops in this area. 

Another perk of owning land is yield farming. You can add liquidity and stake in your land in return for $DROPP token rewards. But not the old boring stake and wait mechanics. DROPP will gamify this process. 

Finally, people won't die from boredom. 

Not only are you earning free money, but you’re also going to have fun doing it.


All objects in DROPP's metaverse will be 3D and will be displayed in the AR according to their location. Users will be able to connect to the metaverse with any device through Dropp's application.

DROPP’s Technology 

Everyone knows how hard it is to recreate the shape of the globe into a flat surface like a map. It comes with big distortions. One example is the Mercator projection which distorts the magnitudes. The further away you are from the equator, the bigger the change in shapes. 

The solution is in the Dymaxion projection, which is best suited for the job. Dymaxio projection is a concept introduced by  Buckminster Fuller, and in non-techno jargon is a way to present a map on the surface of dynamic symmetrical shapes that can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. Many of the "hexes" we see in metaverse projects are riffs on this type of projection.

Who's Funded DROPP?

Along with a brilliant idea, you need people to back your vision and help you make it a reality. It's one thing knowing you have the million-dollar idea that's going to change the world. It's another thing convincing the big brands and corporations you're going to succeed and make them money. 

And DROPP has done an amazing job convincing. DROPP has some of the biggest names in the industry already believing and investing in the project. If you look at their track record, you'll quickly understand they have the flair for identifying groundbreaking technology, games, NFT projects and have emerged themselves as stamps of approval for success. 

The list is long so you might have to scroll down a bit:

  • Three Arrows Capital 
  • Alameda Research 
  • Animoca Brands 
  • Defiance Capital 
  • Anti Fund 
  • Spartan 
  • Genblock Capital 
  • Evernew Capital 
  • Skyvision Capital 
  • Old Fashion Research 
  • Solar Eco Fund 
  • PANews 
  • Shima Capital

DROPP’s Roadmap

DROPP's team is still anonymous but it had an amazing first-year building. They had great success and hit some major milestones. But the more exciting things are ahead of us.

Here’s what they have in store for 2022:

  • Open beta DROPP 2D (iOS)
  • Development and testing DROPP AR (iOS)
  • DROPP Android Development
  • DROPP web platform
  • Development Land DROPP _ buying lands in the metaverse
  • Beta Dropp 2D w/ AR (iOS)
  • BNB, ETH integration (smart contracts)
  • External wallets integration
  • Beta Drop 2D (Android)
  • Beta Dropp Land Launches
  • Open Beta Dropp AR (iOS)
  • Open Beta Dropp Android
  • DROPP Lands official main launch
  • DROPP 1.0 (2D + AR one application) (iOS)
  • DROPP 1.0 (2D + AR) (Android)

The Up Shot 

DROPP will help make the interaction with NFTs more appealing for the average person causing mass adoption.

This creates a lot of opportunities to promote, earn and create for the media, influencers, artists, collectors, and players. Some of the eco partners are big social media stars like Jake Paul, Wengie and ZACH CHOI ASMRL, which combined have over 75 million followers. 

The list of investors should give you a lot of confidence as well. 

Let's keep it straight and simple for the last part here. DROPP is an incredibly good project that when it succeeds, people will be mad, they haven't heard of it earlier as you have. You have the opportunity most won't have, so make good use of it.

Learn More 

Website: https://www.dropp.gg/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DROPPgg:

Telegram: http://t.me/DROPP_gg

Discord: http://discord.gg/soulshift