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Welcome to our resources and tools area where we organize our best how-to guides and other websites and tools we recommend using. This is where we store all of the data guides and tips or resources when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin. Here you can learn about Tradingview and technical analysis or dive into the top crypto exchanges. We want to help make your entery into the world of crypto and blockchain trading easier!

The Essentials


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Bear Den

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More Tools

We love using a program called Coinigy for charting. Thats actually how we share all of our charts and trading ideas, although many people also like using Trading View!  These are great ways to keep better track of what you are charting instead of your standard charts in your preferred exchanges.


Keeping a good eye out on things. Here are some of our favourite websites online. We check in and on these often and want to build a list of resources together that can make our journey here together easier! Quick view of the top 50 coins in market cap and circ supply. - A great way to learn more about the upcoming ICO and their teams.

Charting Sites

Documentation & Guides

Below we have attached a collection of great content from the website.

They are lessons for trading the forex world, many of the trends and signal match what we are looking at today and we often use terminology that can be found and studied here. Please download the Babypips and Arcane Bear PDF! Again, all this material can be found on Babypips! We have simply put it in to an easy to read collection. SO many shout outs to them for freely sharing some of these signals.

Click on the link to download the PDF or to view it on your computer!!

If you think there is anything we should add, please let us know!  We will be happy to review, and add the important ones we may be looking over!