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Buying Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency OTC

When buying or selling significant quantities of Crypto and Bitcoin.  (Amounts vary, but usually any amount over $25K USD), employing a trading method that protects you from shifting market position or the 'slippage' that occurs when you buy on a regular exchange. For some people, that method is trading with an over-the-counter (OTC) broker who directly finds a counter-party for your desired trade. This is the best case scenario if you are looking to acquire large amounts of these blockchain or digital assets. The exchanges we have often worked with for helping customers find these large quantities, or even sell them, is currently a company called Caleb and Brown! We have partnered with them to offer express verification for any of our personal clients. We have personally worked with these private brokers before and, we have to say, they are some of, if not the best in the industry that we have found.  Sign up with them today here=>> Caleb and Brown OTC DESK-

Seeing these high-quality service providers enter the crypto space is a huge upgrade. Purchasing on large exchanges will kill you in fees and you often create movement in these smaller illiquid markets which is what you don't want to do if you are simply entering a price point purchase. Having a skilled staff that is able to walk you through every step of the purchase it makes sense. Learning about hardware wallets, two-factor authentication. Easy wire transfer setups that dont show up as anyhting other than "brokerage" as some banks have often suspended accounts that were dealing in crypto currency. Caleb and Brown has won awards in the fintech space and for good reason, they offer an incredible service. If oyu need to find (BTC) at over the counter entry points, this is are absolute first and most trusted pick.

The idea behind OTC trading is that these brokers provide a quoted price for large transactions and shield high-value traders from adversely impacting their own price point, as the traders would if they traded directly on an exchange. For anyone that has gone through exchanges, we are always losing out to exchange fees and slippage this alone, can be a troublesome and expensive ordeal. Our OTC partners have won awards in the FINTECH space

Like much of the young crypto industry, the realm of OTC trading brokers can be opaque and difficult to navigate. If you end up stumbling into the virtual office of a disreputable OTC broker, you might discover that they could game you just as much as an actual exchange could, in ways that are even harder to spot unless you know where to look.

For this purpose, Arcane Bear below provides its own top-10 OTC brokers in the industry.  As always, it’s critical to note, that reference to any firm is simply for convenience, and not an endorsement of any kind. Like any and all financial dealings, coming to one’s own, independent, and well-researched opinion is mandatory for optimal results. Arcane Bear is not responsible for individual outcomes and provides the following information for research purposes and as an addition to your own independent research!

Also, as an OTC trader, you will be asked to provide KYC and AML. But remember, it’s not a one-way street! Be sure to ask your broker for KYB (Know York Broker)! See Below for more on KYB*

*KYB: Know-Your-Broker

There’s a lot of talk about know-your-customer standards of due diligence that exchanges are expected to abide by as they add new clients. There’s less talk about how important that same kind of diligence is for you as an active trader: not all platforms and brokers are created equal, and if you don’t do your research to make sure you’re working with reputable parties, you could end up taking big hits every time you trade. So, the take-home lesson is to make sure any broker you deal with has industry expertise, a demonstrable track record, and shows professionalism.

What is OTC?

This refers to high volume trading done off public exchanges and helps our customers make large transactions without having to risk the moving markets breaking as they enter or exit these large positions. We have specifically partnered with an over the counter trade desk that is not only reputable, they personally share the values of the Arcane Bear and we are happy to help our customers find an easier way to enter and exit the cryptocurrency and bitcoin markets. There are many reasons why you would want to work with a private broker in this field and as more and more family offices and private equity firms work to enter the blockchain and bitcoin space, these trusted brokerage firms will offer the highest amount of security and trust, creating onramps for the large purchase of these cryptocurrencies is part of the conversation that will bring these tokens into mainstream adoption and investments. Currently, the past has had difficulties with on-ramps as there was no real framework around how to buy cryptocurrencies. With Caleb and browns bitcoin OTC desl.dealse problems have all been solved. We suggest you sign up and get in touch with them 

Why use our OTC Trade Desk?

There are lots of reasons, but here are some of the key points our partners and customers all agree on. 
  • No need to wait for bank deposit times, Simply wire transfer, set your trade, and it executes as soon as the market meets its price.
  • Delay times with C&B are nonexistent as they do not use a 3rd party wire company to process transactions, increasing the speed for your transaction.
  • You can communicate directly with a professional broker to make sure all your needs are met!
  • Transaction flexibility and a private consultant are around to help you at every turn.
  • Avoid the potential risk of Tether solvency by trading directly into your bank account. (Note: this is not a statement about Tether or other stable coins.)
  • Off-market transactions provide a cost-effective method to trade larger volumes without moving the market price
    Access to any available cryptocurrency via one location. (If it exists, we’ll find it for you)
  • Professional and award winning service means you are able to trades with peace of mind.


What to watch out for, Private OTC Scams?!

Yes, that's right, sadly. These markets are riddled with phishers trying to make a quick buck. The OTC market can feel no different, people saying they will sell you 100k Bitcoin below spot price, these private deals not only eat up time but almost never, NEVER, End up resolving well. This is why we have gone through the effort for all of our bear family members to make sure this never happens to you. There are lots of scary reviews and news of Private OTC deals gone array, We will post some of those links below, but because this is a global and rather decentralized market place, with regulations just starting to come into play now.

Here is a list of other Over the counter sites. Please note, We have not used any of these. Only Caleb and Brown and we Suggest trying them first before even looking at this list, but, if you know who you are looking for and have heard good things, please leave your comments below as we will try our best to research more of these companies as we go.



CEO: Jeremy Allaire. Formerly: Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Brightcove; Entrepreneur in Residence at General Catalyst Partners.

Headquarters: Boston, MA, USA.

Key OTC features:

  • Backed by established investors like Goldman Sachs and Bitmain.
  • Worldwide offices (London, New York, Hong Kong, and Boston) provide trading liquidity by making markets across many exchanges.
  • High-volume system moving over $2 billion USD monthly.


CEO: Charles Cascarilla. Co-founder and partner at Cedar Hill Capital Partners; Partner at Liberty City Ventures. Formerly: Portfolio Manager at Claiborne Capital Management; Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Headquarters: New York, NY, USA.

Key  features:

  • Mostly same-day settlement of trades.
  • Flat rate transaction fees and no crypto withdrawal fees.
  • Private, individual trade support from an itBit trader.
  • Trade liquidity from itBit’s network of clients from 100+ countries.

Octagon Strategy

CEO: Wayne Trench. Formerly: Head of Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading Coverage — Asia; Head of Macquarie Bank Electronic Trading — Asia.

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China.

Key features:

  • A large network of block trading partners to provide liquidity for trades.
  • Security practices including cold storage, SSL, 3-factor authentication, and multi-signature settlement.
  • A private chat group for discussing and executing trades.
  • Instant price quotes on demand.
  • Same-day settlements for trades worldwide.
  • Low transaction fees benchmarked against leading cryptocurrency exchange’s rates.

Genesis Trading

CEO: Michael Moro. Formerly Director at SecondMarket.

Headquarters: New York, NY, USA.

Key  features:

  • Same-day settlement through an intuitive interface.
  • OTC trading for seven crypto assets: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, ETC, and ZEC.
  • Billions in trading volume since 2013.
  • Liquidity-providing network of trading partners.
  • 24/7 support from trading specialists.
  • Regulated with FINRA, SEC, and NYS DFS BitLicense.

Smart Contract

CEO: Kazuki Obata.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.

Key features:

  • Consulting services on asset management and trading strategies.
  • Transparent OTC fees designed to be competitive with the broader industry.
  • Provides institutional-sized liquidity to large OTC trades.

Jump Trading

Founding Partners: Bill Disomma and Paul Gurinas. Formerly floor traders at the CME.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL, USA.

Key  features:

  • Backed by 19-year history of quant-based, in-house research.
  • Top-tier computational infrastructure guides data analysis of crypto and other asset classes.
  • Emphasis on algorithmic and high-frequency trading.



Co-founders: Max Boonen, formerly interest rates trader at Goldman Sachs; Flavio Molendini, formerly software solution architect and senior IT leader.

Headquarters: London, England.

Key features:

  • Flexible trade size lets users trade anything from small amounts to multimillion-dollar blocks OTC.
  • Expertise trading multiple currencies since 2015 — both cryptocurrencies and fiat.
  • Instant execution and post-trade settlement any hour of any day.


CEO: Philippe Bekhazi, formerly Global Macro Trading at SAC Capital and Advisor at Citi.

Headquarters: New York City, NY, USA; Paris, France; London, England; Bermuda.

Key  features:

  • Ability to quote large, institutional-sized OTC blocks.
  • Integrates OTC trades into its broader proprietary trading business.
  • One of the largest liquidity providers in the world.
  • Proprietary quantitative algorithms have powered its business since 2015.

Kenetic Capital

CEO: Daniel Weinberg. Formerly: Senior Partner, Optiver.

Headquarters: Hong Kong, China.

Key  features:

  • Expertise in token advisory and due diligence.
  • Decades of experience in trading, analysis, and portfolio management.
  • Hybrid approach of quantitative and qualitative trade analyses.


QCP Capital

Co-Founder: Joshua Ho. Formerly: Senior Vice President International Growth, GO-JEK; Growth Consultant, Wantedly; International Expansion, Uber.

Headquarters: Singapore.

Key  features:

  • Almost all trades have a same-day settlement.
  • 24/7 access to traders on the trading desk.
  • Customizable order management based on specific needs (size of the order, required turnaround time, etc.).
  • No hidden fees charged on top of trades.

Element Trading

CEO: Stan Miroshnik. Formerly: CEO, The Argon Group; Managing Direct, Rosemount Consulting Partners.

Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA, USA.

Key  features:

  • Algorithm-based OTC trading that works to mitigate risk.
  • Focus on user confidentiality and discretion of services.
  • Transparent, competitive fee schemes.
  • In-house research and trading technology designed to route trades as efficiently as possible through their trading partners with minimal market impactRemember, this is simply a list of complied providers, we havent used any of these other OTC desks aside from the fantastic people at Caleb and Brown. We are working to provide more content on this subject and will be updating our list here as we build more relationships and working contact with each of these companies.  Be sure to check back at our homepage to learn more.