Ravendawn Eternal


WTF is Ravenadwn Eternal?

Let's face it, we all like to play video games. But with this new wave of blockchain games coming, playing games won’t be a time waste.  The P2E games will be a great way to get some extra funds for that Lambo you're trying to get or even become your main source of income.

The question is, which games will be able to do that for you. MMORPG's are proven to do good. As is Ravendawn Eternal. Ravendawn Eternal is a blockchain MMORPG created in a unique 2.5D style. 

What makes Ravendawn Eternal unique?

The team in Ravendawn Eternal decided to do things differently. They first created a working game and, after that, started to integrate blockchain features. That gives it an edge over every other project because you can actually see and test the product you're investing in.

Ravensawn Eternal has been developed over the last 5 years and features a massive and dynamically changing world, rich quest system, real-world house building, player-driven economy, PvP and PvE.

The gameplay is built around player freedom. The choices of how to develop your character, what professions to master, how to earn your rewards are limitless. Just claim a plot of land anywhere and start exploring.

What's the utility behind Ravendawn Eternal?

Building a large player base is a must for an MMORPG, so the game is completely free to play. It doesn't need a monetary investment to start playing. 

Any in-game activity will reward Gold Coins. Gold Coins are the in-game currency, and they can be exchanged for our blockchain token $SBT.

Here are some ways you can earn while playing.

  • Tradepacks
  • Estates
  • Mounts and breeding
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Quests
  • Crafting
  • NPC mini-games
  • World puzzles

Sunbreak Token

One $SBT token is worth 10,000 Gold Coins + (Deflation rate). This way, the economy and token value will be stable.

Sunbreak Tokens have value in-game as well. You can use them to help you with your development. You can buy Estates, Ravencards, Ships, Mounts that will boost your Gold Coin earnings.


A good game economy equals a successful MMORPG. This should be the main focus when building a game. 

Ravendawn Eternals economy is entirely player-driven. It has a real-world supply and demand system, a Political System, a Tradepack system. Everything is done and created by the players.

Passive income

You see the potential in Ravendawn Eternal, but you don't have time to play, or it's not your preferred type of game. You can still get involved and earn Sunbreak Tokens by purchasing Estates. 

Estates will be earning you tokens based on the amount of Tradepacks being exchanged in the region. 

Here comes one concern in mind. What if you get an Estate in a dead zone? Is your investment worthless then? It was for sure gonna be if the team didn't implement self-balancing algorithms. That way, every part of the map will have roughly the same income potential. 

That said, there is something you can do to increase that income. 

Estates will come in different sizes. The bigger one you get, the better the rewards will be.


As I already said, there are a lot of possible progression routes.

Will you be a trader, a landowner, an adventurer or an ocean pirate? How would you choose to evolve your character?  It's all based on your personal preferences. 

Let's get more in-depth with the game features.


As in any blockchain game NFTs are involved here as well. They come in the form of Ravencards used to further customize your character and create unique builds. 

The only way for you to get them is by opening packs with $SBT. One pack will contain 5 Ravencards.

There're two types of Ravencards:

  • Spell Cards - for every spell unlocked on your character, you can add one spell card to it. Doing this will enhance your spell giving it the effect of the Ravencard.
  • Passive Cards - there're five available slots for Passive Cards unlocked gradually through progression. Their effects are always active when equipped.

Ravencards also come with rarities. They will change the intensity of the spell rather than the spell itself. Cards can be Basic, Grand, Rare, Arcane, Heroic, Mythic and Legendary. 

Choosing the right cards with higher rarities will be crucial for many aspects of the game but mainly for PvP combat.


Tradepacks are the main way to earn Gold. They are packages made by a player and transported to a Tradepost where another player can buy them. 

A Tradepack will consist of different combinations of materials. Materials can be gathered by exploring the world or through Estates. 

Tradeposts are places where the Tradepacks are created and turned in for Gold. They simulate real-world markets, creating a self-balancing economy. 

Tradepacks are transported via Ships, Wagons and Mounts.


Estates aren't needed to play the game. Though getting one gives you passive income and allows you to do Woodcutting, Farming and Husbandry. These activities give you the resources needed for creating Tradepacks.

The amount of Estates is limited. They'll also have various sizes. Their size will determine what house can be built and the number of animals, trees and vegetables available. 

Estates gain a 50% bonus on the gold that is being traded in the Tradeposts in its region. 

Depending on the Estate they own, landowners can build a House, a Stronghold or a Castle. 

Houses will be designed by the players choosing from different templates. The rooms you place will also provide advantages. 

  • Bedroom - Ability to teleport home
  • Kitchen - Cooking bonus
  • Armory - Blacksmithing bonus 
  • Workshop - Carpentry bonus
  • Weaving - Weaving bonus

Transporting methods 

The most boring part of any game is the long distances you have to travel. Sometimes it takes 15 to 20 minutes of walking. 

That's why Moas will be loved so much by players. These collectible NFT mounts will not only make travelling fast but will also be used to transport Tradepacks. They have different stats and tiers. 

Three ways will be available to get your hands on a Moa. All costing $SBT, of course.

  1. Purchase a Moa egg from the marketplace. 
  2. Purchase a Moa from the marketplace.
  3. If you already have two Moas, you can breed them for a brand new one.

Ships and Wagons are the main tools to transport Tradepacks. They can be customized to be faster or better when engaged in combat. Also mintable as NFTs.


You know how every game sets you a route to follow from the moment you create your character. The Archetype system in Ravendown Eternal gives you all the freedom to choose and change. 

There are 8 Archetypes. Players will choose 3 of them to be active at once, determining their class. One Archetype has 18 spells. 

If what you choose doesn't suit your play style, you can make changes at any time using Gold.

Who's the team behind Ravendawn Eternal?

Living Phoenix Entertainment is the game studio developing Ravendawn Eternal. Their team of 30 has already had experience in building another pixel-based project. 

Besides experience, the other important thing to know about a team is who they are. If they stand behind their real names and photos, they are putting their reputation on the line. This gives you another layer of confidence that everything they are promising is not just that – promises.

And that’s what they did. You can see the names and positions of every single person. 


Ravendawn Eternal has already released 3 Alpha stages of the game and is looking to launch the final product in Q3 or Q4 in 2022. It has over 110,000 subscribers to their mailing list, and 35,000 discord members gained organically. 

Some of the team members worked in other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft Arena, so you would expect the PvP aspect of the game to be on a high level.

The game goes very in-depth with systems, professions and economy. 

MMORPGs are complex games, and Ravendawn Eternal sure steps on all the requirements to be one of the top games in this genre. 


🌐  Website: https://ravendawneternal.com/en/

💬 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/KD2PA7FhRe

📖 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl7HP1hQcj5Yk9hraeTIV2A

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ravendawnetern