Monster Fight

WTF Is Monster Fight?

After 2 years of forked DeFi platforms, copy-paste websites, and thin liquidity across them all, we’re all tired of hearing the same old schpeel: “this is the next ___!”

But there’s something about seeing “another ___ but with a twist." A proven formula with a unique twist cuts through the noise.

Monster Fight is looking to become the Axie Infinity of WAX: a relatively new blockchain purposefully built for video games, NFTs, and collectibles.

Monster Fight is a turn-based role-playing game inspired by Axie Infinity. It's built on the WAX blockchain and aims to be the first successful game on the network.

Players collect cute, spherical monsters I don’t know about Clark Kent, but cute NFTs are my kryptonite. With their monsters, players progress through a PvE campaign or battle PvP. Outside of combat, the main gameplay loops are the breeding and training of monsters.

What’s Unique About Monster Fight?

Monsters have 12 skills to choose from, offering a highly personalized play style for both training individual monsters and orchestrating highly synergistic teams. Each monster has 7 immutable and 6 mutable traits.

Once a monster NFT is minted, it carries these traits for life:

  • Rarity
  • Class
  • Parent 1
  • Parent 2
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Speed

The training process boosts a monster’s power level and opens up lines of play to fit any strategy and style:

  • Level
  • Health
  • Breed Count
  • Basic Attack
  • 9 Skill slots

The first monsters were released as Genesis Eggs NFTs and sold on AtomicHub. The team clearly shows us they support the theory that the egg came first, before the chicken (or the monster in our case). We can hatch the eggs, and the monsters will be revealed. Genesis Eggs are more powerful and have increased odds to reveal a higher rarity monster.

If you didn't get an egg from the sale, you can get one through breeding. Breeding is similar to what pets do. Except you don’t have to deal with them when they’re in their horny period. I’m only allowed to be like that on Friday nights in the club after 3 beers, and they can be like that for weeks. Not fair! 

Anyways, the hatching period is 21 days, but we can speed up the process to 10.5 days by using an incubator. Now that’s powerful. Each monster can only breed 7 times. The breeding costs are paid in $MOFI. We can’t breed monsters that share the same parent. 

The monsters we use for breeding define what the next generation monster would be using a probability matrix. It’s highly dependent on the attributes of its parents. The higher the rarity of the parent, the higher the chance that the next generation monster gets its class.

There are four types of rarity

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Epic
  • Legendary

What about the skills? They are randomly passed from the parents to their children. A maximum of 4 skills can be passed.

Gnome Toolshed

The Gnome Toolshed is another addition to the game. I’m giving a big WARNING to all garden gnomes. The next few sentences might contain offensive and discriminating language.

To use the feature we need to buy a Gnome Toolshed and a minimum of 10 Gnomes. They’re all NFTs and we can find them in the marketplace. We then place the gnomes in the toolshed and put them to work for 10 days. By doing this we earn 10 credits per day, and the gnomes accumulate fatigue. 

Their burnout rate is between 10-100% per 10 day run. And here’s my personal experience of what happens if they reach 100% or higher. In the world we live in now, everyone has a lot of rights (even garden gnomes), and when you overstep them, they call Gnome Support. At this point, being a good boss is no longer an option. 

Your gnome NFTs are burned, and you can’t use them anymore. In order to prevent this insanity, you can send your gnomes on recovery vacations. Let’s face it, we have all gone on these so-called “vacations” that you return twice as tired as before you left. 

What’s The Utility Of The Monster Fight Token?

Monster Fight is a Play-to-Earn game. Going through the Adventure mode or doing PvP will help you earn $MOFI, the in-game token. $MOFI has a total supply of 100 million and it’s primarily issued on the WAX blockchain. The team plans to make it available as an ERC-20 token with multi-chain liquidity. The blockchains under consideration are BSC, Polygon, and Terra. Liquidity Provider rewards will be available to liquidity providers for those chains.


Staking our $MOFI tokens will grant us voting rights. To spark the interest of most holders, staking will also give $MOFI tokens as rewards. The voting rights and rewards will be determined by the size of the stake, so to speak. The more tokens we stake, the more rewards we get and the more voting rights we have.

In-Game Utility

If we want to earn the highest rates in Monster Fight, our number one priority should be levelling the monsters (I feel bad calling them monsters because they’re so cute). The higher the level of a monster, the more $MOFI tokens you earn.

In Axie Infinity players made 5 figures a day without playing the actual game. Yes, that’s right. They made it strictly through breeding. The players became experts at understanding and finding the best combinations of parents. Understanding the meta and playing the probability game of breeding, pays off if you put in the hours needed to become a master at it. 

Although the transaction fee is zero, breeding costs $MOFI tokens. The exact amount will vary. If the parents breed for the first time the cost is 50 $MOFI. This price increases every time the same monster breeds.

What’s Next For Monster Fight?

Adventure Mode will be live on March 31. That's when you’ll be able to put your monsters into action. Let’s hope you don’t follow my tactic of picking the best-looking ones. I know it’s a flex to have some dope NFTs but to win some crypto you need to be strong. 

Monster Fight can be one of those life-changing opportunities that seem too risky to invest in. It still has a lot to grow and develop. That said, now may be the perfect time to take action if you believe in the team and their vision.

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