WTF Is Joyride?

Despite the flexing on crypto Twitter and generations of companies monetizing the happy chemicals in our brains, lasting contentment comes from noticing and appreciating the little things. I’m talking about activities that require minimal input and deliver a profound sense of contentment; think deep breath of fresh air after the rain. That’s the root of our asymmetry thesis and the concept of Wu Wei – I did nothing to summon the rain, yet I reap the benefits it brings.

We’re focusing on the P2E space because it aligns with this philosophy, in the context of onboarding billions to this new technology. Mobile games are easy and fun. They take very little effort but bring dopamine, anxiety relief (if only temporary), and in Web 3.0, these tiny games open the door to massive communities and life-changing opportunities. The first drops of rain have fallen.

All that is to say, I’m excited to discuss Joyride! It’s a Web 3.0 platform integrating P2E mechanics into timeless games everyone knows and loves.

What Makes Joyride Unique?

Joyride’s platform brings NFTs and token rewards to mobile e-sports, casual, and social games. Think solitaire and billiards. With decades of experience building games at the most successful IP companies in the world and over 300 million entertained players, the platform is giving critical Web 3.0 infrastructure to game developers.

By managing features like leaderboards, monetization, merchandising, live operations, blockchain wallets, onboarding, and compliance, Joyride enables developers to launch their games with playable NFTs and token rewards on iOS, Android, and Unity in mere days.

So let’s see what Joyride is putting on the market.

Solitaire Blitz

We all know and love good old solitaire. Most of us still play it from time to time. Joyride is providing new ways to play and enjoy the nostalgic game. Daily challenges, PvP matches, tournaments, power-ups, and gameplay twists are added to make solitaire more competitive and fun. The most important aspect of the game is Play-And-Win. We earn tokens for every PvP match or tournament we win, and the tokens are tradeable on crypto exchanges.

Games like this make crypto accessible for everyone, especially the older generation. They serve as an easy and pleasurable first experience with the blockchain ecosystem for all newcomers.

Solitaire Blitz was released in April 2021 in its alpha stage. Then in August, dollar support was added. It achieved $250,000 in monthly Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV).

Solitaire Blitz is now in beta, and it’s available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Currently, citizens in the US, Canada, China, Russia, and a few other counties can’t access the app due to regulatory restrictions in those regions. But the team promises this won’t be the case in the near future.

Tennis Champs

Tennis Champs is a competitive multiplayer game. As tennis became a popular sport worldwide, most of us wanted to try and wield the tennis rackets to win some championships. That, of course, very few can do, so we can at least win tournaments in-game.

Playing the game is as easy as tapping and swiping the screen (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter trained us perfectly for this one). Becoming a pro, though, takes some time. Learning the correct positioning, predicting your opponent's moves, perfectly timing, and accurately placing our shots takes a lot of practice and many sweaty fingers. Mastering these skills will guarantee us many tournament trophies and tokens.

Tennis Champs is also the first time Joyride implements NFTs into a game. A collection of 3,333 Genesis Tennis Champs was released on OpenSea. The cute, chubby characters have different appearance traits and playing styles to choose from.

Owning an NFT isn’t a necessity to play the game but if you want to play for tokens you need to snatch one.

The gameplay and fiat currency support was tested in the alpha release of the game. We’re now in the beta version where we can use our Genesis NFTs and test the token system.

What’s The Utility Of Joyride?

Joyride plans to integrate its own wallet. This will allow players to easily buy NFTs and collect their token rewards. The same token will power the economy across all the games built on Joyride.

Genesis Tennis Champs NFTs are the most valuable asset in the current Joyride ecosystem. They’re the playable characters in Tennis Champs and have a lot of utility. These NFTs can be bought on OpenSea, minted in the game via breeding mechanics, or rented from other players.

One benefit they have is recruiting Non-Genesis Tennis Champs NFTs (breeding). Non-Genesis NFTs though, will not have the same benefits as the Genesis ones. Breeding will be available in the later stages of the game.

Genesis NFTs have unique looks and life of the party dance moves. They’ll also have personal names that will further strengthen their own identity. In comparison, Non-Genesis NFTs aren’t guaranteed to be unique in any way.

Genesis Champs will serve as whitelists for future drops Joyride does. These include land or other asset sales. They’ll also be used as access passes. Genesis Champs will be the main characters in Tennis Champs and in other future games in the Champs metaverse. 

Genesis owners also have exclusive gameplay benefits. Special tournaments with extra rewards, season-based challenges, and quests are some of the bonuses. One other benefit is extra slots for recruited Tennis Champ NFTs. That’ll give you more space to recruit more Champs and either use them yourself or rent them to other players.

Who Are The Investors In Joyride?

Most recently Joyride closed a $14 Million seed round. The funding will be used for the further development and launching of the games.

The list of investors who participated in the seed round is nothing short of impressive. Some of the biggest blockchain venture funds and ecosystem players got involved in Joyride. Big names like BITKRAFT Ventures, SuperLayer, Coinbase Ventures, OpenSea, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, KuCoin, OKX, and Solana Ventures. 

This only shows us Joyride is a serious player in the crypto space.

A Look In The Future Of Joyride

It’s time to get our crystal ball and take a look if the future of Joyride is going to be bright or filled with pain.

In the next six months, Joyride is going to be launching the first complete games on their platform. The announced games are Solitaire Blitz and Tennis Champs. Joyride is also looking to add more supported blockchains to their wallet, new NFT features, and integration with Marketplaces.

Looking a bit further ahead, there’s the exosystem token launch and other games in development, both mobile e-sports titles like Solitaire Blitz as well as action and sports games in the Champs franchise..

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