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Tijo had a vision to create something great. He has a fire that burns for a better future that leverages off a community that challenges the norm, lives to ask questions. He decided to reach out to like minded people to get busy and manifest the full vision of Arcane Bear.

We are proud to have an experienced team of professional collaborators who are compelled by the calling of  the Arcane Bear to change the world through profitable and innovative business with a keen sense of social responsibility. Using technology to manifest positive change in the world.

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Tijo Bear

Founder & CEO


Community Manager
I, like many of you, found the Arcane Bear in my own special way. My discovery was 2-fold. A convergence of my passion for low entropy and crypto. To start I’m a 42-year-old husband and father.


supervise a tire shop. I work 40 hours a week, in an environment where we are physically close to each other, so we must work well with each other, to get the job done. When I first became supervisor, the tire shop was full of low moral and disgruntled people. I noticed that there was no sense of other, or if it was there, it wasn’t openly used. Now I didn’t understand back then that what I was about to do was low entropy. I started by having all of us understand that the workload wasn’t going to change and for all of us—to not be exhausted—by the end of the day, we would need to work for each other. I explained that if we all put in an honest day’s work, the workload would be spread amongst all of us. This would make it easier for everyone and we would be much less tired. The results were amazing! Not only did we feel less tired. We also found that we started to care for each other’s well being more. We became closer. Trust had built between us. We used this new found trust to help us become more efficient. Communication became a very important part of how we did things. We would openly discuss more efficient ways to do things. We tried many of the suggestions and then get a group consensus of whether it worked or not. Good ones stayed and failed ones didn’t. Communication without consequence allows for communication to flow without fear. When there is no fear in speaking to someone, you can allow your thoughts to flow more freely. That’s where the great ideas lie. It allowed me to become a better leader. Leaders are teachers, but great leaders are always students. I found that when you lead without creating fear, you achieve more. When a leader uses fear to get what they want, they are no longer a leader. They have become a boss.




Hi, I’m Persi. I am a philosopher and a researcher. I came to crypto-currency after I looked at a report on Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. I was intrigued.


found some stocks to trade related to block-chain. Riot Blockchain, Nividia and AMD, were my favorites. I like to delve in deep thought and utilize critical thinking, so it wasn't long before I came to realize that these stocks were still within the scam system I despised so much. I needed to do better. Then I came to the Arcane Bear. I stumbled across a video that featured a fellow in long hair, chatting up his video about market sentiments. I was looking for crypto information, and since I had just discovered it recently, it totally fascinated me. Who was this guy? He was very cool. I enjoyed the video and hit the “bell” and clicked the “like”! Before I knew it, I was in the community Telegram chat. This community grew on me, and especially Tijo. Before long, after falling repeatedly a victim to epic 24-hour market volatility, I adjusted my trading strategy and was ready for war. I began to obsess even more over crypto. With a newly revamped trading strategy and my new friends in AB, I sold off the legacy stocks and charged ahead into the Arcane Bear community, as a trader and avid learner of all things blockchain. This group gave me knowledge and for a fellow like me ...well I love being with intelligent thought- provoking company. There is no finer group in the crypto space. Believe me I have looked. So anyway, after about a year and a half, I’m continuing this journey. My goal is to help as many as possible refine their own trading abilities as well. Within the next 5 years I aim to ensure that the Arcane Bear is recognized as the finest collection of everything crypto in the whole industry and I want to thank everyone who is starting with us here now, from the bottom of my heart and say, "Welcome to the ride baby!"



Niko Michael

Co-Creator & CKO
Legal Counsel


I joined the Arcane Bear in 2017. After playing around and watching a lot of crypto YouTube videos, I found Tijo and it didn’t take me long to realize that this man knew more than enough to help me continue my journey.


joining the family, I feel that this group is the absolute best well rounded group, in the crypto-verse! I’m a 20 year IT professional by trade, so understanding some of the technical aspects of what the Block chain could do made sense to me immediately. I have helped others learn to build and operate mining rigs, as well as design trading indicators, and trading bots. Even though I’m handy with some of the technical attributes of the block-chain, I wanted to learn a lot more about trading. I found that in order to succeed at trading, you must become a devoted observer, take your own risks, and dedicate yourself. I decided to do just that, and I have learned so much. Together we will take full advantage of everything the Arcane Bear has to offer. I can’t wait to see how far we can take this collectively! Bear with me though, as I have a bunch of little cubs of my own and family must come first! But I will continue to contribute all I can, in order to ensure that this group is the best in the crypto-currency space!




My introduction to the Arcane Bear occurred in late fall 2017, but I can’t even remember what the first Tijo, YouTube video was about! I don’t recall if it came to me via a search, or just showed up in my feed, but it doesn’t really matter when you believe in synchronicities.


does matter is that he immediately resonated with me and I just knew I wanted to be more involved. Now I am connected to the awesome, Arcane Bear family. This community has some of the most uniquely inspiring, genuinely supportive people within the crypto space. Crypto’s came to my attention from doing some silver stacking and who knows, possibly because I was programmed to believe we would see the dollar collapse. It was always imminent, but here we are, and they just keep propping up that dollar! Amazing what they can do with 1’s and 0’s on a computer! I was looking at ways to get out of the fake monetary system and to be able to stick it to the “banksters”. I have been going down rabbit holes for many years and in doing so, heard Bitcoin mentioned several times. Obviously, I am slow to jump into things. When I listened to Andreas Antonopoulos I was absolutely sold that this decentralized currency, was going to be a catalyst for big change in the world, especially if people like us supported it. As soon as I found out that my local, physical, gold and silver place, was also selling BTC, ETH and LTC - OTC; I immediately got involved. I was a total noob and in so many ways I still am. I found Tijo to be so on point and open minded. I also loved the rants and how he didn’t hesitate to say what was on his mind, when it came to the lies we are told, the corruption and the conspiracies. The combination of his enthusiasm for life changing cryptocurrencies, his contagious energy, love of growing plants, importance of healthy eating/living lifestyle, living off grid, discussing the important things in life and his passion for music and composing, was something to look forward with each new upcoming video. He made TA look so easy, but I think it just comes very naturally to him. Personally, I still need to put a lot more time into learning TA and understanding charts. Persi was one of the first in the Arcane Bear telegram to give generously of his time and help me. I noticed how thoughtful he was and never made anyone feel 'lesser than', for asking very basic questions. Persi is a natural teacher and his passion for crypto showed. Seems like he took to it all, like a duck to water. Jordan was also there, like a cheer leader and always around. He has given a phenomenal amount of his personal time, despite having a large and young family. He has always been there to support and helping everyone with information and has acquired some great TA knowledge and charting skills. Russ was also new to crypto’s when we met in telegram but has quickly applied himself and grasped so much. Russ has been so valuable and supportive of the Bear Family. I love the philosophical discussions he ignites. He is genuinely keen on keeping low entropy level in the Bear Family. Origo has a brilliant mind and has blown me away with his research, understanding of charting, TA and the crypto space, not to mention his coding skills and creating trading bots. I got into cryptos when things were flying –October 2017. I was blind to the fact that they were going to come tumbling down and hard! I did not know the mantra about “Taking Profit”. I was just being carried along in the euphoria. I had never done any kind of trading before. I was an ignorant noob -- in a bull market—thinking about how well I was going to do, just because I was an “early” adopter. I ignorantly listened to some of the schillers and I am sure I bought some dud ALT’s (still Hodilng LOL), time will tell and I kept buying up close to some of the ATH's of BTC, ETH and LTC. Live and Learn through the school of hard knocks, is usually what it takes for many of us. A little more background from my perspective. I had been renting for most of my life and thinking that the only way I was going to be able to finally get some property of my own, was to go the Tiny House route. I was watching so many TH vids and I joined a meet up group and helped people with some of their local builds. I even bought one from someone who had to suddenly move and flipped it for a bit of profit. I was thinking of the alternative, less material, more affordable lifestyle that would give me more freedom to travel less working the rest of my life. When Tijo talked about our strawman, getting out of the system, off grid living, growing your own food, awareness and expanding consciousness with psychedelics. I knew I was in the right place. I had been studying psychedelics and Ayahuasca for a few years and was hoping to experience it at the right time. I started commenting in some of Tijo’s vids and decided to join the Telegram –and that is when I really found the Arcane Bear family. I became almost obsessed with keeping up with the chat, as I did not want to miss out on any intriguing conversations. It has been a pleasure to meet so many like minded individuals who were thinking outside the mainstream boxes and doing so many unique things. We were small in numbers, but big in heart, community and support. I think many of us formed strong bonds quickly. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, am the mother of three girls and now, just recently, one more beautiful grandchild. I am self employed and do contract work for a company that sells Quantum Biofeedback devices. I support, help and instruct practitioners around the world, technically for the device software and instructionally, navigating these systems for their personal clients. I have private clients that I do biofeedback sessions for and consult with about self healing and holistic living. I also do live workshops, a few of which happen to be in Portugal and Budapest next month. When I am there, I will help the software programming team. I am a good Beta Tester and have the radar for detecting glitches and help them improve the software esthetically as well. I have a keen eye for editing and this is where I fill in, to help the Arcane Bear. I find it very rewarding to fix things and help people. Another strong interest is in medicinal plants and herbs ever since I was a teenager. They were rare back then, so I used to find Health Food Stores fascinating. I ended up managing 3 of them for 10 yrs. I have been in the alternative health field pretty much all my adult life. I know a lot about most forms of energy work and the various healing modalities but am only a master of a few. Overall my passion is helping, educating and communicating with people who are open minded and working to change their own lives, for the better, whether on the physical, mental and/or spiritual level. We are all on our own journey and are a “work in progress”. We can’t be too hard on ourselves or others. The path to greater awareness of self and change, is not an easy one, but an extremely rewarding one! Susan (Smiley Face) (Butterfly) (Bear)


Arcane Bear's Mission, Vision & Values

Mission:  Arcane Bear exists to share knowledge on all levels. We are passionate about blockchain technology, how it benefits the world and all the potential that comes with it. Our Mission is to provide a place that our community can learn, interact, contribute and evolve.

Vision:  Blockchain provides a protocol that has the power to spread wealth, provide transparency, improve trust and most importantly, give power back to the people. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this shift, at every step and play a part in the knowledge sharing process. We want to position ourselves, within this ecosystem, as a respected source of knowledge and insight.

Values:  Firstly, our values align with a deep respect for Earth and the people who live on it. Secondly, we believe in community and the importance of listening rather than telling. We aim to be an advocate for positive disruption and the implementation of smarter solutions...  and thirdly, we value honesty, we want to be as authentic as possible, we’re about positive change and will leverage off of our brilliant team and community to achieve this.

Arcane Bear HQ - Costa Rica

We're into Sustainable Living, Solar Energy, Cryptocurrency, Agrarianism.

The Bear Cave is located in a dense area of green in the central parts of America. With over 150 fruit trees, from cacao to bananas, oranges, lemons, mango steins and many more. We run off solar and grow many things in our green house, supporting our ideas of decentralized, self sufficient living.