Arcane Bear Council

Tijo had a vision to create something great. He has a fire that burns for a better future that leverages off a community that challenges the norm, lives to ask questions. He decided to reach out to like minded people to get busy and manifest the full vision of Arcane Bear.

We are proud to have an experienced team of professional collaborators who are compelled by the calling of  the Arcane Bear to change the world through profitable and innovative business with a keen sense of social responsibility. Using technology to manifest positive change in the world.

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Tijo Bear

Founder & CEO

Niko Michael

Co-Creator & CKO
Legal Counsel

Arcane Bear's Mission, Vision & Values

Mission:  Arcane Bear exists to share knowledge on all levels. We are passionate about blockchain technology, how it benefits the world and all the potential that comes with it. Our Mission is to provide a place that our community can learn, interact, contribute and evolve.

Vision:  Blockchain provides a protocol that has the power to spread wealth, provide transparency, improve trust and most importantly, give power back to the people. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this shift, at every step and play a part in the knowledge sharing process. We want to position ourselves, within this ecosystem, as a respected source of knowledge and insight.

Values:  Firstly, our values align with a deep respect for Earth and the people who live on it. Secondly, we believe in community and the importance of listening rather than telling. We aim to be an advocate for positive disruption and the implementation of smarter solutions...  and thirdly, we value honesty, we want to be as authentic as possible, we’re about positive change and will leverage off of our brilliant team and community to achieve this.

Arcane Bear HQ - Costa Rica

We're into Sustainable Living, Solar Energy, Cryptocurrency, Agrarianism.

The Bear Cave is located in a dense area of green in the central parts of America. With over 150 fruit trees, from cacao to bananas, oranges, lemons, mango steins and many more. We run off solar and grow many things in our green house, supporting our ideas of decentralized, self sufficient living.