Rainmaker Games

WTF is Rainmaker Games?

We can all agree that the future of gaming is play-to-earn. It gives gamers more ownership and opportunities to make a living than traditional games. There are no two ways about it. But to reach the point where each game is play-to-earn, we will need more infrastructure.

Here’s where Rainmaker Games comes in. Read on to learn:

  • What’s Rainmaker Games?
  • Who is built for?
  • What’s the team behind the project?
  • Who are the investors?
  • What are the tokenonomics?

What's Rainmaker Games' Origin Story?

Rainmaker Games started last July as a gaming guild in the P2E space, and it quickly grew to over 1200 guild members and 21,000 discord members. Also, Rainmaker Games made more than $700k in monthly revenue.  

But the team’s vision was much bigger than a gaming guild. So after a year of immersing themselves in the P2E world, now they want to be its home. Rainmaker Games is backed by an active and healthy community, respected partners and investors.

What exactly is Rainmaker Games?

Rainmaker Games is no longer a gaming guild - it’s a free gaming platform for P2E games. Its goal is to connect gamers, games and guilds worldwide. Rainmaker Games saw the need to build a portal that allows more people to access the P2E world. They want to give everyone a chance to play games, earn an income and connect with like-minded people. 

Rainmaker Games makes it easier for gamers, regardless of their level, to switch between games, chat, manage earnings all in one platform. The platform is built around fairness, and that’s why it will host 3 tiers of gameplay. Rainmaker Games wants to ensure every game is evenly matched, providing an exceptional gaming experience.

The 3 tiers go like this:

  • Tier 1 for entry-level players that start with non-NFT based games.
  • Tier 2 for mid-level players with NFT based games.
  • Tier 3 for high-level players where they could become Guild Verified. It’s the first step towards ranking and scoring for premiere scouting from top guilds.

What problem does Rainmaker Games solve?

The idea of earning money from playing games has made the gaming world go “WOW”, bringing hope that more people can achieve financial freedom. The P2E industry will only continue to grow from here. But with the promise of P2E gaming comes high entry barriers, a hard learning curve, and poor access to good guilds.

Who is Rainmaker Games built for?

The team has created Rainmaker Games to connect games, gamers, and guilds worldwide. It’s the biggest global gaming platform with the largest P2E data. The goal of Rainmaker Games is to become the go-to hub for crypto gaming. It would be a launchpad for games and an awesome data source for guilds.

Rainmaker Games will use that data to build a seamless user experience and interface. Each individual player’s experience will be tailored to match his interests and skill level. They will also get video training content, so they can learn on the go.

What’s the team behind Rainmaker Games?

Rainmaker Games is built by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers and gamers. Their team includes:

  • Will Deane, the founder and CEO: A serial entrepreneur that founded, scaled and exited two companies - Unstoppable and Servc. Will has huge experience launching companies, building exciting brands and leading teams. Before he exited his last two companies, he was the head of sales and partnerships at Yext. Now, Will’s goal is to empower gamers worldwide to make a living by becoming part of Rainmaker’s P2E gaming ecosystem.
  • Victor Tan, the Chief of Game Growth:  a competitive gamer since the Atari games. He’s a serial entrepreneur and an ex-banker. Before co-founding Rainmaker Games, Victor created MYEX and GZ Technologies Consultancy. His clients included big Asian companies like Alibaba, Shopee, Lazara and huge players like Shell, ExxonMobile, COSL. Victor is a lifelong gamer and a blockchain fanatic since 2013. He was an active guild leader in most of the games he played. Right now, Victor’s focus is on improving Rainmaker Games.
  • Jonathan Kennell, the Chief Technology Officer: the senior vice president of product management at Yext, leading a 16 person product team. Before Yext, Jonathan was the co-founder and CEO of Reschedge. It was NY based interview coordinating and scheduling company. Reschedge created the first algorithmic interview scheduling engine. In December 2013, HireVue acquired the company. Jonathan has also worked at Google as a staff software engineer and at HireVue as a director of product management. As the chief technology officer at Rainmaker Games, he brings tons of enterprise software experience in local marketing and leading teams.
  • Joe Brottman, the Chief Creative Officer: Joe brings a wealth of experience in branding and design. He is the founder and creative director of brottman. co. It’s a user-focused brand and design agency that works with big brands like Coca-Cola, Visa, Wayfair, Grubhub, Oracle, Nugg Club. Joe has built tons of powerhouse brands. He’s also a published writer of children’s books based on visual communication. Joe has tons of awards for creative work and is working non-stop on making Rainmaker Games’ creative the best in the world.
  • James Iver Morris, the Head of Content: James is the other creative visionary in the Rainmaker Games’ team. He has spent his career creating powerful campaigns for A-list brands like ABC, Six Flags, The American Music Awards, Dick Clark Productions and many more. Thanks to his experience in film and photo, James continues to deliver great creative work. He is the driving force in creating viral content that makes Rainmaker Games a household name.

But it’s not all about the team, the investors are equally important. And Rainmaker Games has solid backers.

How Does Rainmaker Games Make Money?

The company provides 50-70% of each player’s earnings in its native $RAIN token. The gamers can also get them in the in-game currency if they want to. Rainmaker Games keeps 30-40%, depending on whether or not a community manager was involved in a player’s onboarding. If that was the case, 5-10% of the player’s earnings are shared.

The rest is reinvested into the vault by purchasing in-game NFTs on the secondary market or by breeding new NFTs. All game earnings go to the Rainmaker treasury, so they can reinvest it back into the game, adding more incentives and rewards for the players.

Here are the tokenomics:

    • There are 1,000,000,000 minted $RAIN tokens.
    • On December 17th, it will be the first launch auction on the Copper Launch.
    • Then, on December 21, there would be a token generation event.
    • And in Q1 2022, the beta platform will launch.

Here’s a visual breakdown:

In Sum...

Rainmarker Games is a promising project in the crypto gaming space. Its team is one of the best in the business, bringing a huge experience to the P2E niche. Only time will tell if Rainmaker Games will become the go-to hub for P2E games, but so far, the team seems to have everything at their disposal to make that happen.

Rainmaker Games
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Who Invested?

Rainmaker Games raised a  sturdy $6.5 million seed round including backers like Animoca Brands Alameda Research, Coinfund, Skyvision Capital..... Its important to remember, there is a lot of capital out there during a bull market. The goal is to always lean into strategic investors, people who have a long-term vision and can help see projects through to their completion over the coming years. Its a hard road for founders and many fail, so having a solid cap table is a very important part of our interest in companies.