A Guide For Beginners

Where and How to Buy Bitcoin

We know that purchasing bitcoin and these digital altcoin assets can be difficult. We want to bring everything into one easy space for you! It only makes sense. The how to's and whys of BTC are important to us, they have been for a long time. The crypto world is advancing quickly, you have to be aware of how to use what new technologies are coming next. Fintech is one of these evolving asset classes. If you are interested in buying larger sums of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you might want to think about what's known as Over the counter or OTC trading. It took us a while to realize we wanted to share all this important information with you. We have been buying and investing into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum for the last few years and we want to take the guesswork out of your journey into this new world of finance by providing you with the best relevant information.


This is one of the worlds major exchanges in the United States if you want a fast easy way to buy and or sell bitcoin with your credit card, bank transfer or other options.They also offer online built in wallets, although we highly recommend purchasing hardware wallets. These guys have a great set up, easy to use, user-friendly and very safe. They have never been hack and function fantastically for anyone living inside the USA  Check out these guys! Its also exciting to note that when you buy your first $100 in bitcoin, you get $10 FREE! So sign up today and get started with investing into the future

We just recently did a review of how to buy these tokens in Canada,. These guys are probably the best. We have used them for many trades personally and if you are in the northern hemisphere they make it very easy! we had been getting a lot of questions from this liberal country so we decided to write an entire article about purchasing in the provinces of Canada. Please take a look at that guide you can find it here!


Caleb & Brown

Caleb and Brown is a certified cryptocurrency brokerage based in Melbourne, Australia. They give you access to a personal broker, providing a simple, flexible and instant solution to cryptocurrency investment. They are well educated and able to help you make the best decision when it comes to an investment in this space, they can help with everything as almost a one stop shop. Arcane Bear personally partnered with this company because they offer so much great options for our clients!
Trade from anywhere, at anytime and have the choice from over 2000 different cryptocurrencies. They have serviced clients in over 25 countries and offer transactions through 30 different major fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR and more.
From high-value transactions to tax strategy and risk assessments, Caleb & Brown provides the cryptocurrency investor with a rich suite of personalized services, previously exclusive to the traditional financial services industry. These guys offer the best service in terms of bespoke approaches. We recommend using them if you want to hit larger transactions and stay off the public markets. Click here to sign up with Caleb & Brown

Purchasing and Selling

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of decentralized digital currency. This is money that is not controlled by nor belonging to any central bank or government. It can be viewed as money that works similar to a file sharing program or the Internet of money.

In 2008 Bitcoin was invented and has increased to a market cap of more than $40 billion. It is estimated that currently millions of individuals all over the world use Bitcoin as a currency for exchange, investment vehicle, and store of wealth.

Where can my Bitcoins be stored?

Bitcoins get stored within a hardware or software wallet. We know it sounds confusing, but you will get the hang of it really quickly. Its easy!
You need to have a Bitcoin wallet for managing your Bitcoins similar to needing email software for managing your emails (such as Gmail or Outlook).

A Bitcoin wallet can help you store, send and receive BTC, but the wallets often have access to many other tokens such as Litecoin or Ethereum. This makes it easy to store many tokens on one device, all at the same time. A kind of digital portfolio if you will. There are numerous different ways to store these cryptographic keys and we wrote a good article about which wallets we think are the best and why. We are hoping that as this technology becomes more user-friendly we can be the bear to help everyone learn more about this amazing new technology while doing it safely and learning the new lines of security that each individual must take as a precautionary measure in this digital age!

There are many different kinds of Bitcoin wallets. Hardware wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets and mobile wallets. Wherever your wallet is installed (for example, on your mobile phone) that is where your Bitcoins are also stored.

What can Bitcoins be used for?

These days there are many different things that Bitcoins can be used for. To begin with, you can use Bitcoin for shopping online at some of the leading websites such as Dell, Microsoft, Overstock, Expedia and much more! With Bitcoin becoming more mainstream, an increasing number of businesses have adopted Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Many countries all over the world are in financial turmoil and the citizens in many cases are the ones that end up being hurt by it. Bitcoin is an increasingly viable alternative over our current banking systems as it gives you complete control of your money and not have to be used in a central bank.

Can I purchase fewer than one?

These days, a single Bitcoin is worth around 5,000 US dollars and is going higher. Fortunately, Bitcoins may be divided into as many as 8 decimal points, which means you can purchase 0.02 or 0.5 Bitcoins or even down to 0.00000001 Bitcoin (this is called a Satoshi and is the smallest amount of Bitcoin that is available).

A man by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009. Nobody actually knows who Satoshi Nakamoto was, however, his legacy continues to this very day. The Bitcoin protocol these days is being maintained by developers all over the world who work on updating and upgrading the open source.

The who, what, where, when and why of Bitcoin!

We believe that the blockchain will be the future of commerce. We want to give our knowledge and experience in this field to you for free where possible! We believe so heavily in the transitions we are about to make that it is in everyone's best interest that the world learns how to work with these digital assets. From the Big boy BTC to Litecoin, Ethereum, Populous, Veritaseum. ICO (initial coin offerings) and more. Our guides and reviews are the best way for you to make an informed decision about how to enter into this space. Reading the work of Satoshi Nakamoto the original inventor and founder of the "blockchain technology" idea solved the problem of tdigital scarcity using cryptographic code. Its genius and its true effect on the markets has yet to be seen. We expect a massive growth in all these areas of the coming years and are grateful to help everyone find their way around. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments section below!

Storage and safety are also key, that's, why we have gone out to review every storage and wallet there, is for bitcoin! You can accept these payments for your online business, but once you do, where will you store, them, how will they be kept safe for the long term. We have taken all the guesswork out for you and created this all in one comprehensive space for learning more about bitcoin! If you are looking for the best way to store Bitcoins, Ethereum ect. Make sure you check out all of our wallet reviews, online and offline, hardware, cold storage and paper!

We are so very happy to present The Arcane Bear! Our Reviews:

Where and how to buy bitcoin, Why and when it might be best to do so. Personally, we wish we had started doing this when we first started learning about these very unique ideas. The blockchain will likely revolutionise the entire industry of, real estate, finance, remittances, securities and more. From the Smart contracts of Ethereum (ETH) to the currency like scalability of Litecoin (LTC) We have invested in all of them. We are on the cutting edge of a major change universally! We hope that our reviews and how to guides support you along your every step into this exciting journey of money! If you want to learn more please check out our older review of these exchanges as well!

Thank you so much for joining us along on our journey here with the Arcane Bear