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CloakCoin – When privacy matters

Cloak Coin- Privacy in the Blockchain Blockchain Privacy- Cloak Coin There are certain aspects of life, things we have fought for as our rights. Privacy is one of them, now I won’t go so far as to use the word security here. As privacy is a freedom I would much rather trade for. Security is […]

The anatomy on an ICO

The anatomy of an ICO What is an ICO? The hype around cryptocurrencies has spread globally, and extremely fast. With it, ICOs came as well. ICO (initial coin offering) is a form of fundraising for a new blockchain project. Companies can list their projects and make an ICO where they sell their coins or tokens […]

Aitheon – AI, Robotics and Business

Aitheon – Business, Automated. Aitheon aims to bring AI and Robotics to everyday business.  Corporate giants and companies elbow each other in their quest to be in the limelight of innovation as the world takes a new turn through artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. With more sophisticated AI trickling into our lives, business […]

Debitum – Business Funding on Steroids

Debitum – A Blockchain based Solution for the SME Financing Market What is Debitum Network? Debitum aims to bring blockchain technology to the world of small business finance.    Their goal is to provide a secure and easy financing solution to small and medium businesses through out the world. HOW IT WORKS: A good indicator […]

TAPProject – Earning for Playing Video Games

TAPProject – Offers the opportunity to turn in game currency to cryptocurrency. What if your gaming time could be turned into earning time? This is the vision of the TAPProject. Focused on giving gamers incentive for the time that they spend immersed in their favorite gaming worlds. We know Video Games are Huge… The video […]

INS – The Grocery Industry Reinvented

INS – The First global decentralized Ecosystem directly connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers. INS wants to reinvent the Grocery Industry.   Their vision- developing a new blockchain based platform which will help grocery manufacturers to bypass retailers and wholesalers.  INS seeks to return power in the grocery ecosystem to where it belongs…between the manufacturers and the […] – Changing How We Invent and Value Ideas

Loci – Platform for Intellectual Property Discovery & Mining Loci is setting out to disrupt one of the most convoluted systems in our current structure, the management of patents, and intellectual property rights. Loci wants to change the way the world invents and value of ideas as a whole. It all starts with an idea… […]

IndaHash – Tokenizing the Influencer Market

IndaHash seeks to tokenize the entire influencer market. With a proven model of connecting brands and influencers for mutual benefit, IndaHash proposes to create a token ecosystem which can become a standard in the industry.  Since launching in 2016, IndaHash has built a team of 130 people, and a network of over 300,000 influencers from […]

LiveTree : ADEPT – Decentralized Entertainment Platform

LiveTree – Disrupting the Entertainment Industry LiveTree is looking to reimagine the entertainment business. They have been operating now for two years and have already establish themselves in the industry. Their current network consists of more than 14,000 industry professionals and a handful of professional film and entertainment organizations. They have also crowdfunded about 120 […]