What The Fuck Is..... AVALANCHE!  (AVAX)

So, if you have been following our work for some time, you will have a general understanding of Avax. My initial investment thesis for the venture capital portfolio is to more often than not, signal a vote for the random or the unknown. Do it frequently, and just limit size. Here as I have matured, I also make votes of confidence based on the things I have learned playing around in the areas of what I do not know. Clearly, in 2017, I missed Chainlink, I did not clearly understand the tech, nor did I grasp its value proposition in this new world of blockchains.

This era is different, not just from a monetary data standpoint as with technicals, but a deeper and fundamentally conceptual viewpoint of how and or why this technology can be of value and service for our lives, community, government banks, infrastructure, and so on. These words, if you are reading this, is going to likely be curated by a few authors. Myself is one of them. You will be able to tell as it will be significantly more abstract than most of the others.

After all the hours of reading and listening, I have come to one conclusion about AVAX- I like it, and I am invested in its growth.

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