WOO Trade

What The Fuck Is..... WOO Trade

The evolution of the DEX from Etheredelta to Uniswap has been a huge leap forward. I remember the early days of the P2P marketplace, god was it bad! But, as these new automated market makers started to hit the scene, the user and graphical interface started to massively increase, not to mention the user experience that developed from these market-making platforms. The next generations of decentralized trading platforms are all about marketing making and liquidity, but even more importantly, the development of exotics and portfolio management. These are going to be the next flagship leaders of the industry, trying to find them before they are born though is a hard one. WOO Trade has brought together some industry leaders to work on the development of one of these high potential trading deck leaders. We are keeping a close eye on WOO trade and even have a podcast booked with the C suite team soon! Keep your eyes posted as we will continually be developing our VenCap Deep dive sections here.

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