FTT- The FTX.com Native Token

I started to include FTT to my portfolio. My growth of enjoyment for the FTX.com platform has been increasing. I think they have a very good place carved out for themselves, and, if we imagine a good majority of the Binance growth in its token was created the same way, with an decrease in Fees for using the token, higher % payouts for staking it as well. It seemed like a good add, not only to curate a better ride on the platform I am enjoying the most of management of my portfolio on, but also in their system. It's a far-out bet, but at the very least, it decreases any trading fees. So it was an easy win. 

Burn Them All!

FTX and their native FTT token offer a variety of opportunities on the FTX platform itself. From decreased fees to increased referral rates. They also happen to go out of their way to buy back and BURN the FTT token on a consistent basis. This reduces the supply and increases the demand, I think this alone has been one of the reasons to see the FTT tokens growth do so well the last few months. We are in the early early discovery phases of this entire Fintech sector. Buckle up!

For Traders By Traders

This is one of the few, heck, the only platform I have started to really enjoy, and I have used all of them! I personally cannot recommend FTX enough. If you are managing wealth, this is one of the tools you need in your kit. It is extremely easy to navigate and almost intuitive. From options trading on Bitcoin, which is going to be of a huge advantage for insurance on the account as we get near the top! They have also just recently added Paypal!  This alone should signal a huge innovation for the freedom to move your personal finances when banks try to lock down on your sending and spending limits

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