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WTF is Yearn.Finance?

When it comes to the protocol, YFI is the naive cryptocurrency. It’s a governance that enables users to vote on the actual direction the protocol should head.

YFI was launched back in July and has turned out to be one of the most recognized Ethereum-based tokens because the protocol focuses on automated yield farming strategies. In other words, you can compare to a robot that can actually try to get the best yields in Ethereum DeFi.

Decentralized finance (or simply DeFi) has experienced parabolic growth since the yields offered by protocols have exploded much higher. A significant portion of this growth may be attributed to the introduction of governance tokens. They enable holders to establish the direction they’d like protocols to develop. In general, one of the most important steps in decentralizing DeFi protocols is governance tokens.

Yearn finance decided to ride with the wave of governance tokens and rolled out YFI back in July 2020. The cryptocurrency was soon captivated as it continued to rally from $3 - $30,000 in a month.

What Is Yearn.Finance?

It is a community-driven robo-adviser for yield - this is the answer you will hear from most people. And, although it is, there is a slight issue with this answer. In case you are a DeFi noob, you will most likely go to the site and find different options on the front page that might leave you wondering where to begin. These options might include, Vaults, Earn, Zap, Cover, and APR.

In short, acts as a portal to different DeFi products. And considering that DeFi currently has almost $8 billion in terms of crypto assets, mainstream traders might start rolling in any time. In such a situation, a front door may end up being very important.

Jesse Walden of Variant Fund once told CoinDesk on the phone that the unifying objective of all Yearn products is to build this simple intuitive interface to the entire DeFi.

Vaults are the ones that create the lion’s share of this conversation. However, to make life much easier for active traders, Yearn has created user interfaces to DeFi products from different teams.

For instance, Zap acts as an access point to - this makes it easy to take complex positions. On the other hand, Cover acts as an access point to Nexus Mutual - this enables users to hedge smart-contract risk on the platform. APR is simply a page that provides visitors with a place to view the returns from depositing multiple assets into multiple products. As of now, other products are being tested.

However, of course, Yearn finance also offers access to its specific products. This is what people are busy buzzing about.

What Makes Yearn Finance Exciting?

Although most people pay attention to the price action that YFI encountered, it is actually crucial since it marked a change in how protocols may incentivize adoption. In fact, many have compared YFI’s launch to Bitcoin’s and call it the “most fair launch”. This is because anybody could participate in the coin’s generation while paying the same cost.

In most cases, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model is used, whereby the users pay a particular cost for each new coin. Instead, YFI users needed to participate in the protocol. Ultimately, this mechanism enabled a community to quickly build around the project since each user shared a similar capability to influence Yearn finance via the governance token.

Yearn finance has, despite the initial price volatility, one of the most active communities when it comes to the decentralized finance space and the entire cryptocurrencies.

The Yearn.Finance Token and Governance Model

Just like other DeFi projects do, Yearn consists of a governance forum on its site. It also comprises a very active community with many proposals.

A vital part of the whole governance procedure is people posting strategies for multiple vaults. Users usually post them and in case they become voted through by YFI holders, they’ll be put into action. A percentage of those returns goes to users.

Most people truly think that Yearn generally comprises one of the most active governance communities. And the best part is that it has brought together all walks of people. Chitra acts as a member of the Yearn multisig, where he shares some extra executive powers temporarily acknowledged by the community, to generally help the project grow and move fast.

If you are a user with excitement to participate in governance, you may want to check out Boardroom - it recently integrated YFI. In simpler words, it is a portal for participation throughout multiple projects in this space.

Who Is On the Yearn.Finance Team?

Eleven core developers, as well as community members, created a proposal on Jan. 22 known as “Funding Yearn’s future” to make 6,666 YFI. And a third of this might be directed to core contributors, while two-thirds of that might be kept in the treasury regulated by the Yearn community.

According to the Yearn team, they believed that the most recent funding proposal consolidates the BABY proposal’s vision while still keeping core contributors. They realized that the reward packages to developers aren’t that competitive and some contributors may be taken by other projects’ teams. Specifically speaking, comprised an operational treasury of $500,000 only and zero tokens assigned to the team. This made it very difficult to compete with rivals like Compound and Uniswap.

The Yearn team has specified that to maintain core developers, minting is the only practical way they can bridge the gap between the competitors and the protocol. And after sampling feedback from the entire Yearn community, this team decided that an estimated 20% increase should be the minimum viable amount to offer a competitive plan when it comes to developer retention. Because of this, they suggested the previously-stated mint of 6,666 YFI - which is 22% of the current overall supply.

They would set up a compensation working group to finalize compensation packages, as well as vesting terms for eligible developers. What’s more, the working group will deal with the recruitment of new contributors.

Meanwhile, funds in the treasury will be deployed into different application cases - such as protocol mergers, liquidity mining programs, and future contributor incentives. Besides, the minted YFI may also facilitate the continuing expenditures.

What Funds Yearn.Finance?

You must have come across the phrase, “decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)”. These DAOs can generally apply for funding via Yearn governance forum. Typically, YFI holders can vote on which particular DAO may receive funding from the DAO vaults.

They will need to set up a Gitcoin Grants page for funding applications so that DAO can qualify for funding. Typically, off-chain voting is carried out when a DAO gets enough interest from the entire yearn community. In case the DAO scales through this voting, it will then be permitted to be part of the DAO vault ecosystem.

The DAOs have a credit limit in the DAO vault ecosystem. Governance specified these credit limits, and they might be either weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Approved credit may be repaid on the terms specified by the DAO and it might be repaid in collateral options that you can find on Yearn Finance including tokens.

How to Participate in the Yearn.Finance Network

Yearn vaults are basically yield-farming strategies formed by DeFi veterans and usually deployed by Yearn bots.

The function of the Yearn vault is to take the perpetually fluctuating initial of the vault, create profits, and then use those returns to enhance the size of the vault’s assets. As a result, it grows the vault’s general yield, which represents a yield-compounding feature on a big and socialized scale.

If you’re looking to use Yearn Vault, just visit, then click invest, and head to vaults.

When you are inside, you will get a range of vault options, and they all run unique strategies for various cryptocurrency assets. Choose the vault that looks appealing to you (it should be one that you already have the underlying asset), and then click Show.

Typically, Yearn will automatically know your balance of the given asset. And at this point, you may choose how much to deposit, and then click approve. According to Metamask, you will need to acknowledge yearn for spending that particular asset. And, in a second transaction, you’ll have to sign off on the deposit transaction.

After the approval of the transaction, your wallet will consist of a Yearn token that represents your actual stake in the vault. At this point, all that you will need to is allow the vault to work its magic and accumulate profits to your stake!

If you are prepared to withdraw from the vault (such as your rewards), you can also use the same menu that you used to deposit to withdraw a particular amount.

In Sum....

YFI’s launch was an industry-wide change in how cryptocurrency jobs distribute coins. And by offering an incentive for early users, these projects may get fast adoption and community growth. is a captivating protocol that’s creating unique decentralized finance products. Although the future is bright as they employ a team of marketers and developers, only time can tell whether the project will thrive in the Ethereum DeFi space.

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