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Tron , Social Media & Blockchain

Arcane Journeys into The Crypt-ohhhh! The world of technology, media and content creation is changing at a staggering rate. Before we dive in though, let me introduce myself. My name is Tijo and I’ve had the privilege over the last few years of finding myself stumbling into the role of a content creator on YouTube. […]

Bittrex Offers bitcoin OTC Trading

Over The Counter Crypto That’s right, Bittrex has just jumped itself into the game of offering Bitcoin Over the Counter. This is a huge plus for the whole ecosystem. We personally still prefer the Caleb and Brown OTC desk, Simply due to the fact that they offer private brokers and keep your paperwork clean without […]

Beginners Guide To Ripple & XRP

Introduction To Ripple – XRP  Ripple provides payment processing programs that handle international money transfers in seconds to businesses and financial institutions. Their programs include xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. The company also owns a majority of XRP, the third-largest cryptocurrency. Its programs utilize the coin to make fast and secure transfers between different fiat currencies. […]

Haven Protocol- Offshore Banking In Your Pocket

Introduction & Review To This Stablecoin Protocol Haven Protocol is a network of decentralized stable coins that can all be stored in a common wallet called the Haven wallet. The team behind Haven Protocol describes it as a “private and decentralized multi-currency bank account for everyone.” Even if you have never bought or traded cryptocurrency […]

The Best & Safest Hardware Crypto Wallet- COBO VAULT- Review & Unboxing

COBO Wallet Cryptocurrency options in the beginnings of the blockchain used to be few and far-between. Members of the blockchain community would be limited to just a couple of preferred cryptocurrencies to trade in between. However, thousands of alternative currencies are in existence to keep the market fluid and fresh courtesy of the constantly-shifting 2018 […]

Beginners Guide: Electroneum Review

Everything You Need To Know About Electroneum On September 14th,2017, a brand new British cryptocurrency was released through an Initial Coin Offering known as Electroneum. This particular token been developed to be one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrencies and to be used in areas such as online gambling and mobile gaming with coin mining and […]

Beginners Guide to Ravencoin: Review of this blockchain of truth-

Ravencoin Guide Ravencoin was created out of an open-source fork from Bitcoin’s original code in order to transfer assets efficiently between parties. It was specifically designed for that use case as an alternative to ERC20 or Bitcoin transfer protocols. The Arcane Bear family has been asking us the last few weeks, whats our thoughts on […]


Energi Cryptocurrency Energi is a type of self-funding crypto currency. Its purpose is simply to reach as many people in the world as is possible. The goal of Energi is to offer a self-funding treasury system that eventually will develop into a profitable smart contract platform. therefore,bbefore a great opportunity for investment both now […]

Trading Cryptocurrencies On Binance!

  Investment in cryptocurrency has changed my financial situation entirely and I truly believe that cryptocurrency is the future of financial freedom. There are various problems that cryptocurrency can help resolve, despite many people speculating that crypto is merely a bubble. Based on my experience, I don’t see the bad in this and I definitely […]

Ethereum Blockchain Development & Coding (ERC-20)

An Introduction  ETH If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you have probably heard about Ethereum. Even though this is a cryptocurrency you can mine, collect, and invest in, Ethereum is very different from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.Ethereum uses blockchain technology in a manner that is very different from other cryptocurrencies. This guide is the perfect […]

Buying Bitcoin and Crypto like Litecoin or Ethereum in CANADA-

How To Purchase And Store Safely If you have recently read or watched the news, most likely you have heard of Bitcoin before. It was the very first cryptocurrency to be introduced and has inspired thousands of new cryptocurrencies since that time. To date, it is also the most valuable cryptocurrency, with its hundreds of […]

Hercules & Gold Backed Blockchain

The Key to Understanding Hercules Token The industry standard for supply chain management does not currently offer a real-time view of all transactions to all the parties involved in a supply chain. This significant challenge is addressed by Hercules, which is built on the blockchain and enables immutable data to be shared among network participants […]

What is Blockchain & Why is the Technology So Important!

There’s a huge paradigm shift in our global economy with the invention and application of Blockchain technology. Whenever the term, “blockchain” arises, people automatically assume bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but this isn’t just the case, Blockchain technology is much more advanced and complex, in that it inherently represents anything of value, encodes the information in an […]

Learn More About Crypto Based Currencies

Learning More About Crypto Rise Of Cryptocurrency Thanks to the techy era, using crypto is becoming more popular than ever before. With so many new titles along the lines of Bitcoin and Etherum, prices are surging and more and more people than ever before are seeing this in their news feeds and wondering what exactly […]

Pillar Project Update – CEO David Siegel

Pillar Project Review Pillar is looking to change the way we will operate online. More than just a wallet, they propose a personal data locker – a single place to store all personal data in encrypted form. The personal data locker would also serve as the users’ personal console, with complete insight into their world. […]

Kore Coin- Review and Interview

Kore Coin- Why Privacy is important. Privacy should be an inalienable human right and we agree. When Tijo goes offline, thats it, he separates his time from the rest of the world. WE sit down and chat with the CTO of Kore Coin. We are so appreciative of them reaching out before they fully dox […]