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All you Need to Know About Trading on Bitmex

A Beginner’s Guide To Leverage Shorting Using BitMEX As of September 13th, the AntiLiquidation website is used as a calculator for liquidation and leverage. This resource can save a person approximately 70 percent of their capital. It also enables approximately 700x leverage when faced with tight stop placement; therefore, being used for risk management and […]

Ethereum Blockchain Development & Coding (ERC-20)

An Introduction  ETH If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you have probably heard about Ethereum. Even though this is a cryptocurrency you can mine, collect, and invest in, Ethereum is very different from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.Ethereum uses blockchain technology in a manner that is very different from other cryptocurrencies. This guide is the perfect […]

Buying Bitcoin and Crypto like Litecoin or Ethereum in CANADA-

How To Purchase And Store Safely If you have recently read or watched the news, most likely you have heard of Bitcoin before. It was the very first cryptocurrency to be introduced and has inspired thousands of new cryptocurrencies since that time. To date, it is also the most valuable cryptocurrency, with its hundreds of […]

Hercules & Gold Backed Blockchain

The Key to Understanding Hercules Token The industry standard for supply chain management does not currently offer a real-time view of all transactions to all the parties involved in a supply chain. This significant challenge is addressed by Hercules, which is built on the blockchain and enables immutable data to be shared among network participants […]

What is Blockchain & Why is the Technology So Important!

There’s a huge paradigm shift in our global economy with the invention and application of Blockchain technology. Whenever the term, “blockchain” arises, people automatically assume bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but this isn’t just the case, Blockchain technology is much more advanced and complex, in that it inherently represents anything of value, encodes the information in an […]

Learn More About Crypto Based Currencies

Learning More About Crypto Rise Of Cryptocurrency Thanks to the techy era, using crypto is becoming more popular than ever before. With so many new titles along the lines of Bitcoin and Etherum, prices are surging and more and more people than ever before are seeing this in their news feeds and wondering what exactly […]

Take Control of your Data With Datum – ICO Interview

Monetize your Personal  Info With Datum is all about the decentralized storage of structured data. Data is the lifeblood of business and the internet and Datum seeks commoditize that data and place it on the blockchain. Datum will offer individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to gain reward from the sharing of data they […]

Halo Platform- Intial Coin Offering Reviews

The Halo Platform – ICO I had a great sit down with the founder of The Halo Platform today – they are launching their ICO on the 25th of September. It will be fun to watch all of the new companies in the crypto space develop. We wish them success and are excited to have […]

Pillar Project Update – CEO David Siegel

Pillar Project Review Pillar is looking to change the way we will operate online. More than just a wallet, they propose a personal data locker – a single place to store all personal data in encrypted form. The personal data locker would also serve as the users’ personal console, with complete insight into their world. […]

Blackmoon Crypto- Oleg Sedyak

Blackmoon Crypto- Our Review Blackmoon Crypto presents itself as a bridge between the crypto universe and the traditional investment market. They seek to tokenize asset investment funds as well investments in crypto currencies. This is a heavy financial sector venture, with expertise needed in banking, fund management and the legal side of operating such funds. […]

Kore Coin- Review and Interview

Kore Coin- Why Privacy is important. Privacy should be an inalienable human right and we agree. When Tijo goes offline, thats it, he separates his time from the rest of the world. WE sit down and chat with the CTO of Kore Coin. We are so appreciative of them reaching out before they fully dox […]

CDX- The Commodity Ad Network- ICO

CDX Commodity Ad Network I had such a wonderful time talking to Peter Frolich. We covered ideas of freedom media, the ability to share our view points even though the may contrast and the problems with not allowing opposing views at the table, regardless if they are right or wrong. The conversation needs to happen. […] Betting on the future is better than a casino!

Smart Contracts & a Sports Betting platform Many people have said, the greatest ideas are simple. This is true, in theory they are! Although, when it comes to development, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If it were simple to build large brands and great ideas, everyone would do it. The guys […]

How To Buy: Guide To Initial Coin Offerings

ICO- Invest before The Rest!! 2017 so far is turning out to be an historic and exciting year for the crypto industry. If you have been participating in cryptocurrency circles, then most likely you are already aware that going against conventional wisdom does have some value to it. After all Bitcoin was built based on […]

Dont Fear The Forks~ Bitcoins August First Date

BTC PRICES ARE RISING!! “You Have No Reason To Fear The Fork” Last week a number of the exchanges and companies made it clear there were not in favor of Bitcoin Cash. These companies included BitMex and Coinbase. This means they can’t support the hard fork, which is lead by ViaBTC. Coinbase said due to […]

Bitcoin Is Safe With A Trezor or Ledger! BITCOIN CASH FORK?!

Overview Of Bitcoin Cash In a couple of days, August 1st will be here, and most likely it will be a day that we all peice together from our minds in hisrtory for quite some time. The discussion this week around the potential situation of “BCC,”  a UASF, seeing as a large mass of the […]