Bitcoin Tradingview Beginners Guide

TradingView Guide: The Way To Go With Bitcoin

TradingView is an innovative company that has made it easier for beginners, as well as long-term traders, to access the information that they need for their trading purposes. This company has made a place that a person can get real-time news that they need when they are following their favorites like Bitcoin. This company has a fresh approach to offering traders all the benefits and ease of accessing what they need and it's all in one place. People are loving what they can do with TradingView and they are profiting from what they can learn all the time. TradingView is in the know of the latest information and it is available and ready for people to access at any given time. Traders stand to do well when they use TradingView.

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Why Is TradingView The Best Choice For Charting And Trading Bitcoin?

TradingView is one of the best choices for charting and trading Bitcoin because of its user friendly ability to track and chart cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a financial way for people to use money from anywhere in the world and move it where they want to. This all happens quickly and it is as easy as pushing a button. Bitcoin gives you the freedom to be in control of your money at all times. Bitcoin is the most traded cryptocurrency in the world right now, and TradingView does a great job making it simple to manage. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to go public. It is a whole different kind of asset class and it can be used for hedging even when the market is seeing turbulence making for a nice addition to a portfolio. Traders like that it has options that they can bet on being successful with and know that they can capitalize.

Why Do So Many People Choose Bitcoin?

Bitcoin's network is not owned or controlled by anyone. it was created in January 2009. Transactions happen freely and they can not be altered.Because of its global power and low fees, people are using Bitcoin more and more for all their financial arrangements. It uses the Bitcoin Core (BTC), which is the electronic system that they use for cash. People can use Bitcoin Cash too. It allows for the freedom to choose how they want to use their digital money in a way that is streamlining their financial pictures. For this reason, traders are interested in getting a piece of the "Bitcoin Pie."

Charting Bitcoin With TradingView

Users find that charting Bitcoin is beneficial. Infographics will allow them to understand Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and what the differences are between them. With extensive information, a user can become more familiar with how digital cash is used and how to trade them. They can use a tremendous amount of tools in the chart area of the website that will give them keen news that they need to know about Bitcoin. You can check out Bitcoin's live price here! TradingView allows users to freely use its interactive charts and tools to learn and trade Bitcoin.

Trading With Others For Great Insights

With TradingView, there is a vast amount of traders that are active participants on the site. They communicate with each other on all sorts of trading information. It's a great way to learn more about how to improve their trading strategies and learn from others. People share a lot of their expertise that are useful on TradingView and this makes it highly beneficial in many ways. By publishing trading ideas, people can get the knowledge that they need to make decisions that will lead to the accumulation of money. If they have questions, they can get them answered as soon as they need to. This is because all of the users on the site are actively participating in conversations all the time.

Finding The Technical Analysis Of Bitcoin With TradingView Is Invaluable For Traders

When a user wants to do a technical analysis of Bitcoin, TradingView is an exceptional website for them to use. They will be able to find the trends that are happening currently to plan out what they need to do to profit as much as possible. A trader's questions will be answered and they will have access to the most important facets of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash that they might not be able to find in any other way. TradingView is a site that encompasses it all and with easy access.

How Does A Person Publish On TradingView

It's a simple process but it works. They create, share, collaborate and learn. All of this can lead to them being more successful with their trading strategies. It has been proven to work for many traders that have failed in the past. Active participation is encouraged because all of the knowledge is from real people that have the knowledge and experience to benefit each other in many ways. The company encourages comments, articles, information, and communications with all of the users of its program. This can lead to some highly charged arguments that induce great insights into the trading experience.

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TradingView Features

TradingView is accessed by millions of traders all over the world. They utilize the website to access the visualization platform that is an advanced, financial gold mine. Accessing the website can be accomplished from anywhere a person may be, from all types of devices, and with any operating system. This website is essential for people that are on the go and busy but want to be in the know about their trading needs at all times. Here are some of the fantastic features of TradingView:

1. Charts

TradingView has charts that are set up in HTML5. There are 10 different kinds of chart types to choose from and all kinds of options to complete the mission at hand. Since traders need to know all that they can at any given time, the charts are there for them to use to make informed decisions about the strategies that they want to use. Choosing from all the data that they can find on the charts will allow them to specify target areas that they want to focus on with the stocks that they are interested in.

2. Side Alerts

The website is set up so that a person can receive system side alerts. This is personalized detail that will be given to the user. Notifications include sound alerts, emails, texts, and visual pop-up alerts. They will have a variety of ways of accessing the information that they require and the ability to receive it as soon as they need it. No matter where they are, they will be in the know when they want to be. This way, a user can always get the best knowledge about issues at the right time.

3. A Stock Scanner

With the stock scanner, a person is able to search on metrics that they specify and find the stocks that they are interested in. Filtering out what they want is why people love this feature with TradingView. It means, they can look up just the information on the stocks that they want and not a listing of ones they are not interested in. This saves them a lot of time when they have specific ideas and notions about a certain stock that they have heard about and want to make a move on quickly.

4. Technical Analysis

TradingView has the custom technical analysis that people are looking for. With the Pine application, they are able to not just receive the most popular and complete studies for trading concepts and advice, but they can set up their own specifications so that they get the results that they are looking for and in a timely fashion. They can personalize their requests so that the information they receive is detailed and precise on what they need to know.

5. Trading Plusses

The world of trading has ups and downs. There are risks involved and lots of money can be lost if a trader isn't knowledgeable about what is happening with their stocks. With TradingView, they can learn and know what they are doing at all times so that they stand to make the most money possible. If they do their homework on the site, they can pretty much know that they have a tremendous amount of power to gain.

6. Broad Coverage

Traders love that they can receive information on all major indices, Bitcoin, CFD's, Stocks, Futures, and Forex. All of this is fed into the TradingView platform by a commercial feed for data. It is all intricate and real-time information that traders need on a regular basis. They won't have to wait long to find out what they need to because it is at their disposal right on the website. It is just a matter of pushing the right buttons and they will find just what they are looking for.

7. Free Use

The TradingView is loaded with tools for people to use for making their trading experiences the best that they can be. Using the platform is free and it has so much to offer traders that it is no wonder it is the most popular site of its kind. They can access charts, infographics, blogs, and more when they sign up on TradingView. It is a one-of-a-kind website that people are flocking to in great numbers when they are into trading with any level of expertise.

Users Have The Options For Upgraded Plans At TradingView

Users are welcome to use the site for free, but they can upgrade their plans too. All of the upgraded plans have a free trial available so a user can try it out first and can be sure that the plan is right for their needs. Whether a person that comes to TradingView is a novice or an expert in trading, they will benefit from the different plans that are available. Here are the plans that they might be interested in:

TradingView Plans

1. Free

Using the system for free, a user will see ads throughout the site. They can upgrade to a plan that doesn't have any ads at all. They will clearly find a vast array of information right at their fingertips. It is free for them to use so it is a great way to learn about TradingView and all that it has to offer. Many people are beginners when they first join up with TradingView and this is where they learn all types of fantastic bits of knowledge about trading that becomes a huge benefit to them.

2. Pro $14.95 Per Month

Upgrading will give a user more ease with charts. The availability to utilize special features will give them the ultimate in control. After a person gets their feet wet in the TradingView world, they will want to upgrade to this plan. It offers them even more of an ability to capitalize on the benefits of the site. All levels of traders can find this plan beneficial for access to important statsitics that will give them an edge in the trading news.

3. Pro+ $29.95 Per Month

Another plan will include more indicators with the Pine Script Language. Users will receive thousands of scripts that are made by other traders and users. Filled with great extras, users can really take on the trading world with this plan. It is a super, fantastic plan that they will be able to learn even more and at a faster pace as they utilize the TradingView platform for in-depth charting and technical knowledge that is profound.

4. Premium $59.95 Per Month

Users will get it all with this plan. Traders are almost guaranteed to succeed and in a big way with this plan. The free trial lets a person see just how great it really is. This is when a person is an expert at trading and they want the fastest way to get their strategies in place and completed. Since this is the best plan that incorporates the advantages that are not available on the other plans, users are excited to get this upgrade. They know that they will have enormous possibilities to create a constant flow of money from their trading.

TradingView Tools Are Exceptional

TradingView takes great pride in providing exceptional tools that can help any trader to become an expert. The tools that they have available for users have been proven to work. Here are just three of the impeccable tools that traders find to be impressive:

TradingView Tools

1. Volume Profiler

Having the ability to use the volume profiler is something that traders find immensely beneficial. This is due to the fact that it lets them see the prices that were traded for any period of time. It gives the user so much information upon request so that they can track the performance of their selection in a most efficient manner.

2. The Fibonacci Retracement Tool

The Fibonacci Retracement Tool is an excellent one that is used after a large drop in the trading valuation of the market. It is completed by using a ratio that will enable a trader to develop a strategy after a pullback that will allow them to buy or sell in order to stay on top of their money. Any time that they are able to keep an eye on this type of event in trading is a plus. This tool can prevent them from losing a lot of money during a downturn.

3. The Elliot Wave Theory Tools

The Elliot Wave Theory is based on the natural flows of the market. There are guidelines and rules involved for a trader to discover how to know when to make a move. They are utilizing this knowledge to implement a strategy that will lead to their success in a huge way. Using the tool has allowed users to garner information that follows trends using the impulse and degree waves. They use the system of waves to let them know about trends. With the impulse and degree waves, they can see the price trends that are occurring at any given time.

How To Sign Up For TradingView

It is quite simple for a person to sign up for TradingView. They simply need to visit the website and in the upper right corner, they will see a button that they will push that allows them to join for free. Then, they will fill out their email address and password that they want to use on the site. They will need to check the box that says they have read and acknowledged the Terms & Conditions of TradingView. The next step is to be verified by CAPTCHA to know that the user is not a robot. They will need to verify their account by following the steps in the email that they will receive from TradingView. Once that is complete, they will want to fill in the necessary information and get familiar with using the website.

Get Started With Trading View

Once a person is signed up with TradingView, they will want to understand all the great options that they have right at their fingertips. Looking through the various sections of the website is clearly amazing for most traders. They find it exhilarating to find such great tools and information that will benefit them in all types of ways. They know that they are on the right site to enhance their skills at trading in order to make the most money possible in a short period of time.

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Getting Insight From Other Users On Bitcoin

With the way that TradingView is set up, users will be able to communicate with other users about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. They will have access to experts that can give them the latest information on how to profit from the trading that they want to do with these entities. Since this enables them to capitalize on their portfolio, it is a huge benefit for them to reach out to others on the site. They may agree or disagree with other users, but they know that they will garner the necessary information in a short period of time.

Customer Service At TradingView Is Excellent

At any time a user has any questions about the website, they will be given the answers that they need in a prompt and efficient way. The website has the easy-to-read FAQ section that is very detailed. People can also get assistance through the support channels that can be accessed on the site. Their customers are always treated with the respect that they deserve. TradingView is proud to have an excellent team of professionals on board that knows trading inside and out. Users are always impressed with the way that TradingView conducts business. A user's information is stored securely. It is safe and protected at all times.

TradingView Opens Up Advantages For Users

When joining TradingView, people are able to experience quite a success with their trading strategies and that is just in the beginning. There are so many possibilities for users when they are part of the TradingView family. Since its inception, it has grown tremendously with millions of users coming on board from all over the world. With charts and published ideas also ranging in the millions, the site is a knowledgeable base for traders of all levels to embark on a fantastic journey that will take them into more avenues that will allow them to increase their incomes from practicing trading.

Advantages of tradingview

Traders are more than pleased with TradingView and all that it has to offer them. They know that they are in good hands with all the options and information that TradingView provides to them. Once they access the site and set up their account, they are on a journey that will allow them to make the amounts of money they could only dream about before finding TradingView. With the tools and features at their fingertips, traders are excelling at what they love to do, whether they are a beginner or a veteran in the trading world. Once they are in the TradingView arena, they know they have come to the right place that will allow them to excel at trading and reaching the highest levels possible.


We hope this TradingView Guide was helpful. It is a very versatile trading platform and when used correctly, it can make your life a lot easier. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or reach out to us here. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, head over to our Homepage for more information!

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