Solice Investment Update – Q1 2022

Solice has been getting lots of attention since its release. It has featured on Blockonomi as one of 10 breakthrough projects on Solana. Solice was also covered by Newsbtc, received a mention on CoinMarketCap's list of projects to watch, and saw some love from crypto Twitter influencers.

Solice raised $4.36 Million in its seed round, finding the biggest investors in DeFiance Capital, Animoca Brands, and Three Arrows Capital. Their public launch shortly followed on Maker DAO, Red Kite, GameFi, and Solanium. 

I can comfortably say they're doing things right. 

This article covers what they've been up to since launch.

10 days post-IDO

IDOs are a commendable milestone, and some teams like to vacation afterwards to celebrate and recharge. Sometimes that's the right thing to do. After months of gruelling work, people need rest.

That's normal. 

It's expected. 

But Solice didn't follow the norm, opting to leave their foot on the gas. Releasing update after update after update, it's clear they had plans pre-launch.

The IDO was on December 27. The official trailer for the Solice metaverse dropped just one week later. The excitement is tangible reading through some of the comments. It'll take a few years to fully realize the vision, but it's happening.

Then Solice partnered with Maven Capital. Known for founding new and advising existing startups, they'll be: 

  • Social media awareness
  • Strategic alliance
  • Influencer outreach
  • Advisor relationship.

The trailer's release came with another announcement.

On January 7, $SLC was listed on and Huobi Global.

Price crescendoed in the first 24 hours, at an all-time high of 4000% over listing price and ended the day hovering at around a 3300% increase.

In mid-April of the same year, the token ranges roughly 9.5x above listing.


Staking tokens is the best way to lock your conviction into a project's long-term success for token rewards that could compound into a fortune.

Solice offers NFT rewards that can only be minted through their genesis staking program, which ran from January 10 to January 31. After that window, they can never be minted again. There were 3 pools: Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Each pool gave different rewards relative to the lock duration of $SLC or SLC/USDC LP. 

The rewards were nothing short of amazing. Starting from gems and weapons to plots of land. All except land is already distributed to stakers' wallets. Land rewards will be distributed after the initial sale.


Collaborations can be beneficial for several reasons. First, they create the opportunity to show off the product's potential in action before the final release is ready. Second, it helps both partners to expand their reach, learn from each other's successes and failures, and create more opportunities for their respective communities.

I already mentioned Solice's partnership with Maven Capital. Here's a couple more:


This partnership brings xKiosk to Solana.

What is xKiosk?

They're a first-of-their-kind virtual Kiosk, which people can access to perform on-chain or off-chain actions in exchange for rewards. 

Kiosks will be implemented on Solice land. All landowners will be able to acquire them as NFTs and display their tasks. 

Some earning opportunities arise.

  1. Placing your xKiosk on your land allows for profit-sharing when others complete the available tasks
  2. Running ads on your xKiosk
  3. Displaying your tasks on other xKiosks

Other projects can also use the xKiosk network to accelerate their marketing.

Space Falcon

Space Falcon is an intergalactic metaverse featuring a space shooter game with premium Sci-Fi NFTs.

Space Falcon became one of the first tenants in the Solice metaverse. A virtual Space Falcon HQ available for everyone to explore will be placed in the public area.

Other integrations are in the works:

  • Inter-metaverse portal, giving smoother access to each metaverse 
  • Space Falcon NFTs on the Solice Marketplace

Genesis Avatar NFTs

Solice made their collection of 750 unique Genesis Avatar NFTs available to the public. 500 bought with $SLC tokens, 200 available on the Magic Eden platform, and 50 reserved for future events. 

These NFTs were collectable through a whitelist lottery run from February 20 to 23 on Discord. And you had to have a minimum of 1000 $SLC tokens in your wallet to be eligible. Participants with the minimum holdings were automatically enrolled in the lottery. Those who staked 50,000 $SLC tokens were guaranteed access to the sale.

For 2 hours, those on the whitelist could get their hands on an NFT for 500 $SLC.

Stay Tuned

So far, the team at Solice is working their asses off to realize their future. And the results are evident. They've already released their very own Marketplace. Crypto moves fast, so if you've missed the genesis mint, keep an eye on Solice's social media for future opportunities.





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